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Natural Scar Treatment

Scar Treatments

  • Scars are naturally formed from the healing process of many wounds such as cuts, scraps, etc.
  • Facial scars are some of the most troublesome because they attract the most attention, our faces being what people notice the most, which is why natural scar treatment is important to consider if you have scars and want to get rid of them
  • Natural scar removal is also possible

Scars are a natural part of the healing process and are fibrous tissues that replace the natural skin. When an injury is caused, the skin tends to produce more cells so that there is a re-growth of the skin that has been punctured. The new tissue in repairing the broken tissues or injury is in fact the scar.

Scars are composed of less quality skin cells as compared to the original skin prior to the scar. The scarring area is also less-resistant to the UV rays of the sun.

It is difficult to say whether scars really be healed or not. In previous years, scars could not be completely removed. However, today’s technology and scar treatment methods claim to eliminate these scars completely. New innovative methods like laser treatment, radio therapy, surgery, steroids and many more have come up as treatment techniques for scars. Moreover, these methods could have different side effects due to drugs given during treatment or adverse reactions to medications.

On the contrary, there are several herbal and natural ways of getting rid of such ugly scars. People often ignore natural scar treatment but it can be helpful in treating certain scar types.

Natural remedies can be extremely successful and are very safe methods as well. Natural treatment procedures may take more time to heal as with natural remedies, the healing begins from within and works towards the outside of the body.

Natural treatment for scars involves some natural herbs commonly used for healthy skin care and reduction of scars. These herbs do not have negative side effects and can be used as an effective and potent method of treatment. Please note that in some rare cases there could be an herbal food allergy that may result in a skin reaction.

Some of the widely used herbs are:

• Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a abundant and natural way of treating different skin complications. It is very effective in helping to treat difficult scars as well. The juice of the Aloe Vera plant is a natural bleach and when applied onto scars it aids in the reduction of the dark marked tissues and may eventually lead to the scar vanishing.

• Cucumber: Cucumber is cool and very soothing for the skin. Cucumber paste when applied on the skin can produce miraculous results. Cucumber has been known to reduce and eliminate puffy skin. It can reduce the depth of the scars and help make it smooth after repeated applications.

• Indian Gooseberry: Indian Gooseberry is very effective in preventing scars after the wound has healed. It happens to be a rich source of Vitamin C. It is normally in a gel or cream application. Vitamin C skin care is very essential for fortifying the skin in the area of the wound.

Many types of scars can be treated naturally. Acne scar treatment using natural processes and applications is very popular. The process of healing is time consuming, as mentioned before but in order for the healing to be complete it is important to give the treatments the proper amount of time so you can benefit positive results. Moreover, acne scars are defined by different types of scarring. Some scars, however, are very tough and it is more difficult to get rid of these. There are certain natural scar treatment creams and recipes that can be very helpful in treating acne scars. Some of the most effective recipes are noted below

• Ice Cubes Scar Treatment: Ice cubes, when rubbed on the face, helps in soothing the skin and the chilled temperature makes the scars less visible too. It also helps in reducing the scar tissue swelling over time. Rubbing a single ice cube for five minutes everyday can produce good results. This method can also be used for treating acne and pimples at the beginning of eruptions.

• Honey Scar Treatment: Honey is a very versatile product that helps in treating several complications of the skin. Honey is a great natural remedy effective in helping to reduce scars. It has antiseptic properties and keeps the scar area clean. If the scarring is on your face and is due to acne, by incorporating the honey into a mask and applying it to your face twice in a week, not only will the scar be reduced visually, but the skin will be more supple and healthy. It also helps to reduce the environment on the skin that brings about the acne in the first place. The rich vitamin content of honey helps in nourishing the skin and also is very gentle on sensitive skin. Including ingredients such as oats and yogurt in addition to the honey in a facial mask has been known to help in treating acne scars as well.

• Vinegar for Acne Scar Treatment: Apple Cider Vinegar is very helpful in treating acne scars in that it is a natural gentle exfoliant and may help in slight scarring with indentations. Vinegar can be used topically with a cotton pad. It is best to use the vinegar as a dilution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water instead of full strength as it may not be tolerated as easily on the skin. The application should be done after the cleansing of your face and before you apply other creams. Please be aware that some people are allergic to vinegar and they should not be using this as a remedy. The vinegar softens the skin and helps with acne as it helps to restore PH levels of the skin.

• Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is a natural oil that can be obtained from the Melleuca alternifoliais tree in Australia. It contains Terpenes that have antiseptic qualities and when applied frequently can diminish scars.

• Olive Oil and Almond Oil: These are natural oils from food sources that have been known to reduce and eventually eliminate scars. Each of these oils can be purchased at a local grocery store or health food store. The application is to rub the oil into the scar repeatedly over time and the scar has been known to disappear.

Keloid scars are very difficult to treat. Natural keloid scar treatments are still not realistic as these scars are unlikely to go. It can be reduced though with the help of certain natural or herbal ointments and gels. Keloid scars are also treated with compression devices using physical pressure.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

13 Responses to “Natural Scar Treatment”

  1. 1
    DEEPAK Says:
    i have scar in the scalp region from the last 4 to 5 years before i had met with accident iwant to remove itplz help me
  2. 2
    ann Says:
    .. i want to ask a effective natural way to lighten my scar because its darken i dont have enough money to buy thats why i ask cheaper medicine..plzzzzzzzzzzz help me thanks
  3. 3
    Jonathan Says:
    I have 2 scars on the back of my ankle for roughly 1 year now. I got them from an accident with my bycicle and the chain cut my ankle. This produced quite deep wounds and i hadnt done any stitching but just washes it and put some antiseptic cream on it. Ive been using this cream that burns the top layer of the skin and lets me peel it off so that the scar flattens, which it did. But there still is a bump and the scars are constantly red which is really irritating. I have aloe vera plants at home but ive never really used them. How long should I apply it for and for how many days? Any other methods/advice would be nice, thanks.
  4. 4
    Marcy Says:
    I have a thyroid related surgical scar from July (it's now September). Is it too late for some treatments - are some better used much later than right after the scarring event? In my eyes this was a medical MISTAKE, it never had to happen, and it makes me angry looking at it every day. Help! :)
  5. 5
    Bilal Says:
    When you said that you can use all of these treatments at the same time did you mean that you use all of them through out one day or use each one once a day. i have a scar and need it to go away ASAP
  6. 6
    anne Says:
    im too timid becUSE of this scars ....wat will i gonna do? they teased me because of this...pls help me...
  7. 7
    anne Says:
    i want to erase my scars on my feet...i had mis some events in my life because of this scars..such as swimming,playing volleyball,using dresses which i wanted to use,,,there are limitations...pls help me...plssssss.....
  8. 8
    apple Says:
    i also want to ask if this is effective even if i have the scar since i was a child?
  9. 9
    apple Says:
    is it really effective? i hope it is cuz my scars are really my insecurities... i have a lot of scars on my legs, i can't wear shorts even when i am at home...
  10. 10
    Prof Nutralegacy Says:
    Dear Mia, I would use all of the treatments. They all have their own specific benefits and the effect of combining them will be synergistic. Aloe is excellent, and be careful not to overdo with the Tea Tree Oil. You might also consider finding a topical product with Tamanu Oil. Thanks for your inquiry, Meredith
  11. 11
    Mia Says:
    Can I use all of these together? Or just stick with one (like olive oil) and not use any other ones?
  12. 12
    Chastity Says:
    Oh, I have to say that I have scars from when I was burned really bad and this helped! All of these treatments are fantastic. Thanks!
  13. 13
    Joyce K. Says:
    I swear by aloe vera and tea tree oil. I always have both in my house and using them have helped keep scars from being nasty on my kids from scraped knees and the like.