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Meze 119

Meze 119 is a self-proclaimed “vegetarian bistro” inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine that only uses high-quality fruit, veggies, soy, gluten, and other products. In addition to a wide array of vegetarian meals, they also offer a few meat-based dishes like chicken nuggets or a luxurious shrimp cocktail. One of Meze 119’s main attractions is hummus, as several different varieties are available including Hummus Tahini, Schug (comes with green hot sauce), Sababa, Soom (topped with roasted garlic), and Ganouj (a roasted eggplant dip). But the restaurant also serves plenty of unique fare like their Meze-zah, which is a middle eastern flatbread pizza with artichokes, tomatoes, onions, olives, and feta, or their Bourekas, which are a kind of flakey puff pastry that can come with various fillings. Meze 119 also serves brunch, so make it an all-day affair!

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