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Leafy Greens Cafe (St. Petersburg)

Leafy Greens recently celebrated a milestone as they announced that all of their food going forward will be both gluten-free and wheat-free. That way, any patrons who cannot tolerate those substances can still enjoy Leafy Green’s organic offerings. The founder of Leafy Greens is Denise Rispoli Becknell, who opened the cafe as a response to being diagnosed with Lupus. After suffering through some terrible raw food recipes, she finally found her niche and decided that her calling in life was to introduce others to the vegan and organic she loved. Among those tasty foods are a veggie burger, zucchini-based spaghetti, and tacos made with romaine leaves. In addition to these unique meals, Leafy Greens offers a few yummy soups and salads, as well as an inviting selection of organic teas. For a completely organic and healthy dining experience, look no further than Leafy Greens Cafe.

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