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Juvenile Arthritis: Symptoms to Look for in Our Kids

Juvenile arthritis is a problem that can be diagnosed early, however, recognizing the symptoms can be a difficult situation. Many of the symptoms can be mistaken in kids for other minor medical conditions.

Juvenile Arthritis

Symptoms for juvenile arthritis typically include those that might be thought to be flu-like: an increase in temperature, a stiffness in the neck and even a rash. Additional symptoms like swollen joints, specifically the knees, could be attributed to a minor play injury. However, when all of these symptoms are occurring at the same time, this is a red flag alert that the could have juvenile arthritis.

Juvenile arthritis can develop at any age, so all parents need to be watchful to see if their child exhibits any of the above mentioned symptoms, along with limping or just a lack of enthusiasm in playing as much as the used to.


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