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Important Health Benefits of Crab Shell Extract

Crab shell extract is fast becoming just as valuable to consumers as the meat of the crabs themselves. According to some research studies done by scientists in Ireland crab shell extract has been shown to be effective at as well as a natural weight loss supplement.

The secret to crab shell extract is the polysaccharide chitosan. Chitosan manufacturers claim that the crab shell extract can lead to natural weight loss because of its fat trapping and appetite suppressing properties. Manufacturers claim that crab shell extract can interfere with the uptake of fats into cells and block the body’s feeling of getting hungry.

Crab shell extract is sold in stores in a pill form and is usually labeled as a fat attractor that expels fat from the body. The FDA has come down on some companies making outrageous claims by issuing warning letters to manufacturers. Although it has yet to be clinically verified as to whether it can be used in fighting cancer or natural weight loss it has shown promise in the clinical studies in Ireland.

Some nutritional experts liken it to fiber and have given it the nickname “super fiber” for its cleansing properties that supposedly lead to weight loss. In terms of fighting cancer it is also purported that it lowers bad cholesterol and inhibits the growth of tumors. Further research is being conducted on crab shell extract to legitimize its health benefit claims. Consumers should weigh the facts from the speculation and decide if it is right for them.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.