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Herbal Essences for Increased Vitality

Herbal Essences

  • Herbal remedies include herbal essences
  • Some herbal medications contain herbal essences

If you have been interested in homeopathic treatments, you’re probably going to want to learn more about floral and herbal essences, which form the foundation of part of this alternative treatment method. The use of these essences can help with many emotional problems, at least according to practitioners, and can be combined with more traditional and additional alternative treatment options. Below is some more information about these floral and herbal essences and how they can help you feel better.

What are Herbal Essences?

Basically, herbal essences are liquid preparations that contain highly diluted elements of a specific plant, flower, or herb. The idea is that by capturing the “essence” of the flora, one can reap its various health benefits. This is not to be confused with herbal treatments that involve the consumption of herbs to improve health and well-being. That’s because these concentrations need to be specifically prepared by trained practitioners.

One of the leaders of this approach to healing was Dr. Edward Bach. During the 1930s, Dr. Bach wrote about his ideas regarding health and developed specific approaches to healing that incorporated flower essences. The first three of these essences used in his practice came from impatiens, mimulus, and clematis.

Some Examples of Floral & Herbal Essences

If you feel as if you need to increase your vitality or bring yourself “back to this world” because you’re a daydreamer or romantic-minded type, essences of clematis are often recommended. Clematis is a type of long-climbing vine and is also known as traveler’s joy. The preferable method for using this essence is to add a few drops to a glass or bottle of spring water and drink it throughout the day. The purpose of clematis is to help you feel more energetic, less moody, less likely to daydream, and boost your creativity. It has also been said that clematis can also help with the effects of post-partum depression. For increased effectiveness, clematis essence can be combined with honeysuckle essence.

Dr. Bach outlined some other ways in which he believed herbal essences could be used. For example, if you are plagued by general feelings of hopelessness, you may want to consider using essences such as elm, which help when you feel encumbered by daily life. Willow can be used when you are full of resentment about how life is going. Sweet chestnut, star of Bethlehem, and crab apple essences are also supposed to help you improve your feelings. Loneliness can be helped by the essences of heather, impatiens, and water violets.

Do Flower Essences Work?

The basic idea of flower essences is that in some way the energy of these plants is going to bring balance back into your body. The idea is not that the plant itself has specific healing properties, as is believed with herbal treatments, but that you need to consume the plant’s energy in order to feel better. None of these ideas has ever been scientifically proven in experiments, or do they make sense in terms of what scientific facts are known about human health and wellness. Of course this does not mean that you will not receive some relief in trying them. People who turn to flower or herbal essences for relief usually find it on a psychological rather than physical level.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Pepper Says:
    Herbal essences are great for putting into sachets and other things like that and they really work well on your mind when you are feeling ill.