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Green Mint Asian Grill (Clearwater)

The Green Mint Asian Grill serves a variety of Asian food from Vietnamese Banh Mi subs that come with cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikons, cilantro, jalapenos, and freshly made mayonnaise to a teriyaki bowl and several different pho plates adding a unique Asian flair to the Clearwater area. . Green Mint also carries some of the usual healthy food choices like smoothies, lettuce wraps and salads, while tea fanatics will bask in the glow of their wide selection of boba tea drinks. Their website advertises the use of only the best quality local products, plus Green Mint caters to vegetarians and gluten-free gurus by offering a couple of menu options in each of those categories. The menu is rounded out by some spring rolls and an array of rice dishes, giving Green Mint Asian Grill an inviting mix of healthy, Asian meals.

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