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Yummy House

Amid the vast array of ubiquitous Chinese take-out joints that punctuate many Bay Area street corners with stale fried and half-frozen egg rolls, the Yummy House off West Waters Avenue stands alone as one of the few Chinese restaurants in Tampa that promises fresh ingredients, powerful spices, and legit old world flair. Dedicated to offering delicious and authentic Cantonese comfort food, co-founders John Zhao and Tommy Tang promise satisfying home-style Toishan cuisine with popular Chinese take-out fare, as well as more unusual entrees. Classic dishes such as Szechuan chicken, sweet-and-sour pork, lo mein, and Peking duck appear on the menu next to unique specialties like crabmeat fish maw soup–a delicate seafood soup featuring the Asian delicacy of fish maw., There’s also salt and pepper calamari (with a tofu option for vegetarians), a crowd-pleasing favorite of battered and fried squid seasoned with scallions and other spices. With fresh ingredients, plenty of vegetarian options, and a relaxed BYOB atmosphere, come see why big-city foodies spoiled by Chinatown rave about Tampa’s Yummy House!

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