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Foreign Penny Stocks Worth Watching

Some of the best foreign stocks to invest in are foreign penny stocks. Foreign markets may offer more opportunities and bigger profit potential, but they can also include higher degrees of volatility as well. Penny stocks worth watching include many countries and market sectors, including energy, health care, and others. China offers a big market when it comes to foreign penny stocks, and one of these is China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Co., Ltd., with the symbol 8306. Another of the best foreign stocks to invest in include Lynas Corporation Ltd., ticker symbol LYC. This company is from Australia, and it was recently acquired by 8306 when the Chinese fund purchased a controlling interest.

Foreign penny stocks can include penny stocks from anywhere outside the US for American investors. One of the best foreign stocks to invest in is the Commerce Resources Corp., ticker CCE. This is a venture from Canada and the company is one of the most successful explorers for tantalum around the globe. This is one of the foreign penny stocks which offers almost unlimited potential, because this element is used in many electronic products including wireless devices, cell phones, PCs, video game consoles, and many others. Foreign penny stocks can be an excellent investment as long as all of the required research and comparisons are done to ensure that the ones chosen are the best foreign stocks to invest in, for the strategies and acceptable levels of risk used. Each investor may have different picks as the best when it comes to foreign penny stocks, and it will depend on the specific circumstances and factors in every case. Whichever company is chosen must go through rigorous research, as it would be a shame to lose a substantial amount in a company that could have easily been seen as a bad choice with a little research.

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