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Excellent growth potential in Alternative Energy Companies

Ever since Obama and a Democratic Congressional majority have been ushered into power, many alternative energy companies have greatly expanded. The reason for such an increase in alternative energy projects is due to the expectations of having a President who mentioned during his campaign that he was a big supporter of alternative energy investment. Many alternative energy companies are adding personnel in anticipation of seeing a great influx of alternative energy investment in both the commercial and governmental sectors. Many people see alternative energy projects as a bright spot in the tumultuous current economy.

Probably the most crucial reason why alternative energy companies have such great expectations are because of their expectations of the incoming administration to either pass tax credits to those who chose to upgrade their infrastructure or to require large corporations to become more energy efficient. Large corporations are looking to upgrade, and thus many prefer to undergo alternative energy projects before demand greatly rises, thus increasing their costs. Another major reason behind alternative energy companies’ optimism is that they expect Obama to adhere to his campaign statements and want to upgrade federal buildings infrastructure to increase efficiency. So while many other industries are continuing to contract and reduce their expectations and amount of employees, alternative energy companies are expanding in both revenue growth and number of people employed.

Alternative energy investment is also beginning to mature and flower. Many venture capitalists are willing to invest money into a field that will reap handsome rewards. They believe that a major breakthrough that will line their pockets is just around the corner. Face it, people are for one looking to decrease their dependence on foreign energy sources and to be more ecologically responsible. Alternative energy projects are a bright spot in the current economic downturn, despite feeling the crunch, investors believe strongly enough in this industry that it will produce regardless of economic conditions. Not only will society help to reduce their environmental impact, but society by choosing to implement such programs will create jobs and will help pump money into the economy, a definite win-win situation.

Another maybe more overlooked reason behind why alternative energy companies are doing so well is due to the corporate responsibility movement. It has been demonstrated that Americans continue to be increasing progressive when it comes to their views on the environment and how to preserve and protect it. Likewise, more and more people care about businesses that do their utmost to reduce their environmental impact. I know of several people who won’t shop at certain stores because of their preconceived notions of how that company does business. Often times, the deciding factor for some and their choice of who they do business with, is how responsible the company is. Does the company recycle and do what they can to use less resources or are they the corporate slob that cares not for their actions and how they affect the environment. I think more and more, companies will realize how crucial it is to be labeled having a tinge of green so to speak.

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