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A Few Words about Competition on Market of Nutrition Products

  • According to current trends in the market for nutrition products, healthy nutrition seems to be the focus
  • More and more effective nutrition options are coming out
  • Products high in nutrients are growing

Less than two decades ago, the shelves of Western stores did not contain supplements or herbs. If you wanted to find those types of products, you headed for obscure markets or niche stores focused on helping the athletic people train better. Today, you’ll find hundreds of these products available in stores and on the Internet. Some are even marketed on late night infomercials. The market of nutrition products has definitely expanded and now competition for American cash is at an all time high.

Current U.S. Market

According to a study of the market of nutrition products back in 2005, the industry was set to earn about $1 billion in the United States alone within the next coming years. That means by now – later 2008 – that estimate has probably become a reality. Although the study claims the increase is a result of new approaches that allow for improved techniques in harnessing these nutrition products’ abilities, the underlying reason for the growth is a growing acceptance of alternatives to conventional medicine. More people are realizing that using these products can enhance their other health routines.

Abbott is one of the leaders in the production of nutritional products. Although not an innovator, they have taken a hold of the trend and followed it. For example, the company launched its line of Glucema products which are aimed at diabetic consumers who need healthy nutrition without having to worry about increasing their blood sugar numbers. The company has also introduced or expanded products to introduce nutrients to a wider array of consumers with different health needs.

Another Trend in the Industry

While not a new trend, the idea that candy can be considered a nutritional product has managed to stick around. About five years ago, massive numbers of candy companies started launching products that not only tasted good but provided some type of nutritional benefit. The Snickers Marathon, for example, was intended to boost your energy. Today, dark chocolate is the hot healthy candy. Because of research that has shown the benefits of eating this decadent delight, which is supposed to be high in antioxidants, candy makers have flooded the aisles with the stuff.

Of course, candy makers aren’t the only ones who see a connection between effectively marketing their products to mass audiences and adding plenty of sweet stuff to the menu. Many of the energy and protein bars have followed this trend, as well. Now these products contain chocolate, caramel, coconut, and peanut butter in a dizzying array of combinations. Has it helped? For many of the products, the answer seems to be yes. For three of the leading nutritional bars, market share jumped by more than 90% between 2002 and 2003 after they adopted this new trend.

The Market of Nutrition Products

While supplement bars like those mentioned above were not common treats for most consumers a short time ago, changes in how they were marketed has improved their performance drastically. The same can be said of many supplements and herbal products today. Only time will tell if these products have a permanent impact on how we deal with our health and nutrition.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Ashlee Says:
    It's a really good thing when something useful for your health has a sweat taste - makes it easier to vitamin-up the kids)