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Burn the Fat! The 7 Ways How to Burn Fat Fast

1) Never eat too much or too little. Moderation is key in how to burn fat fast. Your meals should be timed perfectly, so that you can eat before you begin to experience that nagging feeling of extreme hunger. If you stick to this simple rule, your metabolism will remain intact, and in the end you will eat less and burn the fat. So, remember to eat when you’re hungry, but not to stuff yourself until you can barely move.

Burn the Fat

2) Always eat breakfast. A nice healthy breakfast is also important in how to burn fat fast. A lot of think skipping meals will do the trick, but doing so will actually make your body retain fat in order to compensate for the missing nutrients. Your breakfast should include fruit, fiber, and lean protein (such as eggs), which will not only give you a feeling of fullness, but help you burn the fat.

3) Increase your intake of fiber. This is important, because fiber helps your body in the weight loss process. Although many people lack fiber in their daily diets, it is easy to improve the situation. For example, you could start by eating oatmeal for breakfast, and increasing your general intake of leafy greens and legumes. You could also drink protein shakes or eat protein bars, since they have a high fiber content as well.

4) Build your muscles. Muscles are more metabolically active than other tissues, including fat. So, the more muscle you add, the more fat you burn. Thus, you should be doing some resistance training on a regular basis, which will not only add muscle, but also burn the fat by increasing your metabolism.

5) Do cardiovascular exercise. This will also help you burn the fat, but make sure you do it correctly. The smart way is to do two shorter training sessions as opposed to one long one. Research has proven that doing two 30-minute exercise sessions in one day results in more weight loss than one 60-minute session.

6) Eat the right foods. It has been proven scientifically that eating certain types of foods actually increases your metabolism and helps your body burn more calories. These foods include ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, citrus fruit, berries, apples, Essential Fatty Acids, soybeans, seaweed, garlic, and green tea.

7) Avoid bad quality carbohydrates before you sleep. These include carbohydrates that are highly processed like snack foods, cereals, candies, some types of bread, and sugary juices. If you consume any of these, your body will actually store fats from them and they body’s burning mode will be disrupted. If you feel hungry before bed, the best thing to eat is vegetables.

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