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Beauty Back to Basics: Grandma was Right

You probably spend quite a bit of money on commercial beauty products and you may not be seeing the results that you want. Most of the over the counter products contain chemicals and toxins that the FDA allows as part of the products, but are actually harmful to your skin and hair. Returning back to some basics of nature is not only healthier for you, but are a lot less expensive than the store bought remedies.


When it comes to hair, there are a few things that you can do to enhance the luster and shine. Rinsing your hair once per month with a warm, flat beer rinse is used by a number of the stars and celebrities. It is believed that the sugars in the beer are what give hair a new revitalization. Believe it or not, another excellent idea that brings bounce and curl back is sea/ocean salt water. Spritz directly on the hair and scrunch to get those curls going. Don’t blow dry, this destroys the effect.

A good skin exfoliator doesn’t have to be high priced. You can have a natural beauty glow on the body with a combination of sea salt and sugar. Each has absorption abilities to help remove the toxins and exfoliate the dead skin. For the face, avoid sea salt and use on the sugar. Sea salt is too abrasive for the facial area. Open the facial pores first with a warm cloth, apply the sugar and water solution and rinse with a warm solution.

Honey has been used throughout the centuries for a number of natural beauty treatments. Used in a warm compress, it has claims to assist in removing cellulite, and when added to bath water it gives the skin a wonderfully refreshing look and feel. If you use with a compress for cellulite removal, cover the desired area with honey and press gently. Pull away carefully and repeat for about five to ten minutes. Note that the area can become sensitive or slight bruising can occur if you aren’t careful.

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