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Are Beauty Chemicals Making You Fat?

There is a dark secret that is just coming to light, thanks to some scientists and researchers. The secret is one that manufacturers, marketers and big business don’t want you to be aware of and it involves items that we touch, use, place on our skin and consume every day. While this may sound like a conspiracy theory on a trashy reality show, it is reality none the less. There are a host of synthetic chemicals including those in beauty products that may be making you fat.


The topic of synthetic chemicals is actually not a new one. Historically, the industrial revolution created a need to produce items faster at lesser costs. Over the years, they took the natural items used in production and created synthetic chemicals that mimic the natural, but are more cost effective to use. They may have started out with a base natural product (i.e. coal, iron, wood, plants) but we have altered the chemical make up to the point where can act like the original, but are not natural. An example of what started out as a harmless process and turned into a potential hazard for us are the hormones and antibiotics used in the cattle industry. Some of these were introduced to help fatten the cattle more quickly. Once consumed or injected, they remain in the bodies of the cattle and are then consumed by all of us. The chemicals do not break down, but continue the process, but this time, in our bodies. One of the results of the antibiotics is the damage of the weight control areas of the body, and allowing excessive weight gain.

The types of synthetic chemicals cover a wide range and are in just about everything we encounter in our daily lives. The synthetic beauty chemicals are just one area of many that we are exposed to. While all of these chemicals are listed as approved by the FDA due to the low doses, many are by far, not safe. These chemicals can build up within the body and make life-changing alterations and damage to our body’s natural processes. The toxin build up continues as we use everything from shampoo to makeup, skin cleanser and soaps, body lotions and lip gloss. The addition of each small chemical and chemical combinations are absorbed through the skin and into the body, where they can remain and do damage.

There are a variety of scientific studies that are being accomplished by experts on the human metabolism that are seeking out and exposing the various synthetic chemicals that are changing the way we use and store energy in the body. As the results of the research is escalated into the mainstream science arena, it will remain in question as to whether or not anything will be done about it. Big business has a way of keeping this information at bay from the average consumer, so that it doesn’t affect the profit margins. The only time this makes an historic change is when the consumers come to the realization and demand change.

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