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3 More Essential Exercises for Strength Training

4) Lunges
While I believe squats are superior, lunges are also essential for your leg workout. They work all the muscle groups in our legs and you can also make them more difficult by holding additional weights in your hands. After squats and lunges, you can use machines to focus on specific muscle groups for better muscle definition.


5) Lateral Pull Down

After pull ups, lateral pull ups are probably the next best for your back and biceps. They not only help give your back that V-shape that most people strive to achieve, but they strengthen the muscles around your spine. This can reduce chronic pain in the long-term.

6) Dumbbell Presses

Unlike bench presses and machines, dumbbell presses for you to stabilize the weights through your set. Dumbbell presses work your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Incline or decline your bench to work your upper and lower pectoral muscles.

Each of these exercises will help develop your strength through compound movements that work multiple muscle groups. Remember to use proper form and lift with slow steady movements to maximize the benefits and prevent injury. Always remember to stretch before and after your workout to increase flexibility as you get stronger and build more muscle. These exercises are powerful for both men and women, especially since new muscle increases your metabolism and will help you burn fat!

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.