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U.S. Seeks Energy Independence with Increased Oil and Gas Drilling

If you had the continental United States under a microscope, you might notice the addition of a large number of new oil rigs popping up all over the country. It seems that in the name of energy independence, there is now an explosion of oil and natural gas drilling, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in twenty years.

All the while, statistics are showing that American citizens are using significantly less oil. The reasons are varied, partly because of the higher cost of gas and shorter trips in the car and the other reason is that they are trading in their gas guzzlers for more efficient vehicles.

The question arises as to why we aren’t seeing such a rise in alternative, sustainable and sources. Oil is oil and continues to pollute and natural gas releases a lot of carbon dioxide. The term ‘energy independence’ seems to have been rebranded and continuing down this path it is actually now, an oxymoron.


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