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What Are the Most Promising Companies to Invest in Tidal and Wave Energy Industry?

1. Pacific Gas And Electric Company, Symbol PCG
Pacific Gas And Electric Company stock can be a great way to invest in tidal and wave energy. This is one of the expected to take off. This company is constructing the first commercial wave power plant in the United States, and it will be located off the California coast.

2. Ocean Power Technologies, Inc., Symbol OPTT
This business also benefits from wave energy advantages. They are the maker of a wave power generation system called PowerBouy. This company also has many projects in the planning stage, as well as some which are completed.

3. Siemens AG, Symbol SI
Siemens AG is involved in tidal and wave energy in a big way. It is part owner in Wavegen, which is the first wave power plant located in Scotland. The device utilized by this business is a shoreline type, instead of a wave generator that is more suited for the open ocean or sea.

4. Endesa SA ADS, Symbol ELEYY.PK
Endesa SA ADS is a company located in Spain that has come together with Pelamis to partner in a commercial wave power plant, which will be located near Portugal and utilize the wave energy advantages. This partnership means that you may be able to invest in this venture, although Pelamis is not one of the publicly traded alternative energy stocks.

5. Alstom, Symbol AOMFF.PK
Alstom is a contender in the tidal and wave energy sector, but that does not make this a bad investment choice. There is still plenty of room for upward movements concerning the price.

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