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Sustainable Power Corp Letter to the President: Benefits of Waste to Energy Production

In a surprise move, Sustainable Power Corp. sent an open letter to President Barack Obama, extolling the benefits of their waste to energy process and pointing out some of the disadvantages that are present in many waste to energy processes. This is a bold move probably more intended to make the President aware of what Sustainable Power Corp. can do for the country than anything else. However questionable were the motives, this was a very smart move, especially in light of President Obama’s interest in clean alternative energy sources and considering that waste to energy is a viable alternative source when certain processes are used.
The letter outlines the disadvantages and shortcomings that are present in many biofuel production methods. This includes the controversy over the fact that some biofuel feedstock is taken from the food chain, such as corn to make ethanol and soybeans to make biodiesel. This has drawn criticism from many countries where the populations do not have much food. During production, some forms of biofuel require as much energy, or even more, to produce than they provide, leaving no net energy and sometimes even a net energy loss. Another argument is that usable water that is needed for certain types of biofuel production can also cause a disadvantage due to the large amounts required. Biodiesel requires methanol in the production process, which is a fossil fuel and is not sustainable. Another disadvantage of many biofuels is the thickening that can occur in colder temperatures.
The letter from Sustainable Power Corp. goes on to point out exactly how the company has solved and overcome all of the usual disadvantages to create a line of biofuels which are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. There were document attachments that confirmed the many benefits of the municipal waste to energy process used by Sustainable Power Corp. The patented process the company utilizes is somewhat similar to gas pyrolysis but with none of the drawbacks or problems of that method. The process is called the Riviera process, and it represents a large advancement in waste to energy technology. By advising President Obama of what the company can do and all that they offer, Sustainable Power Corp. may have placed themselves in a unique position to be the leaders in the new alternative energy market. President Obama has made it very clear that dependence on foreign oil an fossil fuels is no longer acceptable, and alternative sources of energy must be found which are produced domestically and are much kinder to the environment.

In the closing paragraph, Sustainable Power Corp. makes a direct request to President Obama to consider the Riviera Process for inclusion in any list of biofuel initiatives that would be eligible for any available assistance from the government in the future. The letter also contains a list of all the products that can be produced using the Riviera Process, and these include bioplastics, biokerosene, biogas, and many others. By alerting the President to what Sustainable Power Corp. and the Riviera Process can offer, the company is placing itself at the forefront of the debate over alternative energy sources. The process used is extremely efficient and has no disadvantages. In addition, Sustainable Power Corp. can help solve the problem of municipal waste management, because millions of tons of municipal waste are discarded every day around the globe, and many traditional landfills are overflowing. Efficient waste to energy is a solution which eliminates troublesome waste while providing needed energy, and the Riviera process is ten times as efficient as other waste to energy process.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

4 Responses to “Sustainable Power Corp Letter to the President: Benefits of Waste to Energy Production”

  1. 1
    bill haley Says:
    Dear sir I live in a small town in southeast Alaska. We are tied in a power grid with petersburg,wrangel,and ketchikan. We are on hydro with diesel backup generators in each town.All of our waste is barged to Washington state where it is trucked to a land fill. If this productis so good,why isn't there more publity out there so these people know there are other option they can use. Thank you Bill Haley
  2. 2
    Geddada Vijaykumar Says:
    Ours Gedten Foundation India, we would like get technology regarding Power genaration from muncipal waste. Thank you
  3. 3
    Ken Says:
    Writing a letter to the President KNOWING it will not be read makes no sense except to those who are trying to IMPRESS THEMSELVES! If you CONVINCED the local media, who in turn would draw interest to the national media, then you would have the attention of THE WORLD! So simple....so, what's the PROBLEM?......hmmmm. Must not be so easy convincing anyone until you can CONVINCE YOURSELF.
  4. 4
    Lee Says:
    Kudos for Sustainable Power Corp. for taking the initiative and contacting then President-elect Obama. Anyone who has been paying attention to the President since he was sworn in will know that is he is very savvy on this subject and really wants to see America move away from oil dependancy. It's about time.