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7 Most Beneficial Alternative Energy Advantages

An overall look at the advantages of alternative energy: global, health, Environment and business.

  • Alternative energy solutions will eventually replace fossil fuels as the main sources of energy globally
  • Alternative energy advantages are numerous, both to the environment and local populations
  • Alternative energy companies will meet the energy needs of the future without harming the environment

1. Municipal Solid Waste Elimination

One of the alternative energy solutions to meeting energy demand, instead of using harmful fossil fuels which will run out sometime in the near future, is to use municipal solid waste to energy plants. These plants process municipal solid waste, also known as MSW or household garbage, and use it to generate energy while eliminating the waste. These power plants get rid of unnecessary discarded trash and waste and turn it into energy that can be used, with very little impact on the environment.

2. These Energy Sources Are Renewable

One of the alternative energy advantages is that these energy sources are renewable. The energy source will not be depleted, causing an energy shortage and crisis worldwide. There will always be an abundant supply of these energy sources, and they do not rely on fossil fuels which will run out. There will always be wind, solar rays, ocean waves and tides, and other natural elements, and these are the sources of the renewable energy.

3. Local Production And Benefits

Alternative energy companies can produce this energy locally. This means fewer transportation costs and more benefits to local economies. Local governments and businesses will benefit from the alternative energy companies locating there and paying taxes, buying supplies, and providing other economic benefits to the local area. Fossil fuels do not have to be shipped or transported from other countries, incurring large costs, so the energy is usually less expensive as well. With many local alternative energy plants in the country, foreign energy sources would not be needed at all.

4. More Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest alternative energy advantages is the fact that these energy sources are significantly more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels and other energy sources which are not renewable. Renewable energy sources do not have high carbon emissions, and their recovery does not cause serious environmental damage. Fossil fuels like oil and gasoline have high greenhouse gas emissions which can contribute to global warming and environmental harm.

5. Better National Security

Because alternative energy solutions do not rely on foreign oil, they offer the advantage of being more secure when it comes to national security. Being dependent on oil from a foreign country means being at the mercy of an unstable government or volatile market. With alternative renewable energy sources these problems are no longer a concern. Since most of the oil and other fossil fuels left on the planet are underneath the very unstable Middle East region, this could be a cause for concern if alternative renewable energy sources do not become more commonly used.

6. More Price Stability

Energy sources which are renewable offer the alternative energy advantages of being readily available and also being less expensive all the time. Because a combination of methods can be used for each area, depending on which technologies will best in that specific location, energy costs will not fluctuate widely as gas and oil prices are known to do. This will keep the price of energy stable and avoid any market instability.

7. A Cleaner Healthier Future For Everyone

Alternative energy solutions can be the answer to slowing down global warming, and possibly reversing some of the damage that has been done to the planet from fossil fuel use. This will make the earth a better place for all the generations in the future, leaving them a clean and healthy world to grow and live in. If changes are not made soon to prevent global warming and switch completely to renewable alternative energy sources, there may not be much of a planet left a few generations from now.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.