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Senior traders share advice on the best 7 gold investments

  • Investing in gold when gold bullion prices are low is the best way to go
  • A gold coins investment can be inexpensive and convenient
  • Gold mining stocks are another possible gold investment option

1. A Gold Coins Investment Can Offer More Than Just Gold Value

A gold coins investment offers you more than just the value of the gold. Many of these coins can offer historic value as well, and this can increase the selling price significantly. This is not the best way to get the most value for your investment capital, because the historic value is added into the price of old gold coins so they may cost more, but these coins offer more than just monetary value for your capital, and may increase in selling price more as the years go by.

2. Not All Forms Of Gold Investing Are The Same

There are many different ways to invest in gold. You can choose gold mining stocks, gold coins, gold bullion, gold accounts, gold futures, and other methods of investing in gold. Gold bullion prices make this a popular investment choice, and coins and bars are widely chosen as well. Some methods allow you to take possession of the gold you invest in, while others like gold futures and gold mining stocks do not actually give you the gold you invest in.

3. Buy The Cheapest Form Of Gold For The Best Investment

Gold bullion prices will vary widely, and so will many other forms of gold you can invest in. Examine all the gold investment options and choose the cheapest forms f gold to put your capital in. The three most popular and cheapest options are gold bars, Krugerrands, and sovereigns, in that order. Because of the size and weight of gold bars, the coins are commonly chosen instead due to the convenience factor, plus the fact that bars may be harder to sell to private investors because of the larger amount.

4. Buy When The Price Is Low

It is a common reaction for many people to buy gold when gold bullion prices have been going up and are high, but do not buy at this point. Instead wait until the gold prices are lower tan average. If gold prices are already high, you have missed your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and maximize your return on investment.

5. Do Not Compare Gold Prices, Instead Use Gold Percentage Premiums

If you are considering a gold coins investment or other type of gold investment that includes taking possession of the gold, compare the percentages of the gold instead of the gold bullion prices. Look at the percentage premium, which is simply the percentage that is over the price of gold for the option. Looking at the percentage of each gold investment option can help you compare all forms of gold investing easier and with more accurate results.

6. Buying In Bulk May Not Always Be Better

When you compare your gold investment options, such as a gold coins investment, gold mining stocks, and others, price is not the only consideration. You must also consider the resale convenience and risks involved as well. You will get the best price by buying large gold bars but these are heavy, inconvenient to transport and store, and may be hard to sell unless you find someone willing to buy a large amount of gold. Gold coins may cost a little more but are also much easier to transport, store, and sell.

7. Choose The Best Gold Investment Methods For Your Needs And Circumstances

There is no single gold investment strategy that will fit every investor. All of the investment options have different advantages and drawbacks, so there is no one size fits all investment plan when it comes to gold. Instead you must evaluate your circumstances and choose the best options for your unique investing situation and needs.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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