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Precious Metals Trading: Gold Coin Investment – Updated Article With Investment 7 Tips

How valuable is gold coin investments as compared to other types of Investments? How does a savvy investor accomplish the best gold coin investment? Seven valuable tips on the path to your investment.

Gold coin investing is a great way to earn money without taking major risks. They are easy to ship, transport and store and easy to resell. For these reasons they are generally considered a better buy than gold bars. In general, gold is a timed and trusted investment vehicle, which holds it value no matter how volatile the stock market is. With gold coin investing, you will never be left with a piece of paper worth nothing.

Precious metal trading, gold coin investment tip 1 – Take physical possession of your gold coins by getting then delivered to your door. This will give you complete control over your investment. Then take the gold to a bank safe deposit box for secure and cheap storage..

Gold coin investing – tip 2
Make sure that you have researched into a company before trusting them. Be careful with every dealer that you invest with. Investigate whether they have a negative record in the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that no complaints have been filed against them that were not subsequently resolved. The dealer should be accountable and reliable in every way.

Tip 3
Make sure that you sign an agreement on a gold coin investing account, and be sure to read it thoroughly so that you understand everything that is written. Question the dealer on anything that is not clear, and you should get full cooperation from him or her.

Tip 4
Choose gold products that are widely traded. Gold is attractive as it has high liquidity, but not all gold is equal. Only certain gold products have proven steady demand and are well-know worldwide, such as gold bullion coins, and MS gold coins which are certified by PCGS or NGC.

Tip 5
As soon as your payment clears, the gold coins should be shipped immediately. If this does not happen, the dealer probably had to order in the coins, which is illegal. They should be in his or her possession at the time in which you make the order.

Tip 6
Older gold coins generally cost a bit more than new coins, but their value may rise faster, as they will have increasing historical value too. Many investors in gold coins prefer older coins for this reason. Don’t go for antique coins though, they are very expensive and this is not what beginners should be investing in.

Tip 7
When you make a gold coins purchase, you pay a fee to your dealer for handling etc. If you buy a large quantity of coins, the percent of this fee is much lower than if you just buy a few coins. So try to buy as many as possible at once to pay less per coin in brokerage fees.

Use these Precious Metals Trading: Gold Coin Investment tips to help bolster your portfolio. Remember, in recent years the precious metals market has performed consistently whilst the has dived. Precious metals have an intrinsic value that is stable no matter what is going on in the world.

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