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Sawdust Beauty Bathing: Craze or Does it Work?

The Japanese have historically been known to use some of the most tried and true beauty treatments, but the most recent craze that they swear by borderlines on the insane. It seems that Japanese women are bathing in fermented saw dust to ward off the signs of aging.


The sawdust is finely ground from their Yoshino cypress trees and placed in a wooden bathtub looking area. Some are offered as individual treatment areas while others are more akin to a group sawdust area. The process is to bury yourself in the fermenting sawdust and allow the vegetation and fruit enzymes go to work. The heat is increased in the covered area to one hundred and four degrees, thereby allowing your internal organs to rid itself of toxins, improve the circulation and allow the sawdust beauty bathing process to optimize your metabolism.

Japanese women are claiming that this rather bizarre and odd sawdust beauty bathing process gives them an edge to keep age related disorders at bay. Currently only available in Japan, the cost is also attractive as a fifteen to twenty minute treatment is only around $70.

Some of the other claimed attributes of the sawdust treatment have included improvements for acne, hypertension, anemia, obesity and even arthritis.

There doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence to back up the claims, but that hasn’t stopped any of the Japanese from flocking to the beauty salons that offer the treatments. Japanese beauty secrets have covered a gamut of styles and modalities, but this one seems to be one of the most curious yet. One has to assume that around the globe will go to any lengths to maintain their concept of beauty, no matter what anyone else may think.

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