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Can Investing in Gold and Silver Help Revive the Economy?

Investing in gold and silver has become more popular than ever, especially with the high prices that have been seen for these precious metals. If you are going to start investing in these markets though, make sure that you get good gold investment advice first. Investing in precious metals should be done for the right reasons, and even with the high prices per ounce right now there is no guarantee that this is an investment that will pay off in the long run. It is doubtful whether these investments will have any effect on the economy, but with a weak dollar gold and other precious metals may be considered a good investment right now for financial reasons.

One commonly asked question is whether investing in gold and silver help revive the economy, and different experts will give different answers, depending on whom you ask. Most experts do not believe that investing in gold and silver will help revive the economy, and there are different reasons for these beliefs. Financial advisors point out that these metals are considered a luxury item, and are not like oil and other necessary commodities. Precious metals are used to make jewelry and other baubles, and this is the reason that the investments in these sectors will not really affect the economy of America one way or another. Some experts predict that the price of gold and other metals will fall as the demand is lowered. Tough economic times means that many investors are holding tight instead of buying, and waiting to see what the markets are going to do. To revive the economy investments in needed commodities and sectors are a better way to go.

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