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Popular Affordable Green Investment

In the once eco-unfriendly world of investing, it's now becoming a popular trend to go green and jump on the green investing bandwagon. Making the right green investing moves now may have you seeing green in the near future, according to experts. Eco-friendly investing is now a $77 billion industry and is expected to skyrocket to $260 billion in just 10 years.

Even if you're a small time investor, there are still a lot of affordable green investment vehicles out there. There are several fledgling green companies that offer penny stocks worth watching. Going green is at the forefront of everyone's mind and a ton of money is being awarded to companies that can solve our energy and environmental problems. Invest in one of those companies now and you could take home a share of that $260 billion.

Penny stocks worth watching are companies that specialize in wind, solar, biomass, hydropower and geothermal sources of energy. Green building is also a niche that is on the rise and is another affordable green investment vehicle. Green investing is still in its beginning stages and will continue to evolve. Talk to professional green investors to find out other affordable green investment ideas and then the company before making a move. Always evaluate your time horizon for investing and your risk tolerance. Even if you're investing in penny stocks, make sure you do your homework and wade through the penny stocks worth watching and the ones that may be fly by night companies.

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