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Poor Circulation Can Cause Hands and Feet To Tingle – updated article with information on how to treat it.

Do your feet or hands feel numb sometimes? It might be that you have poor circulation in your feet or poor circulation in the hands. The job of the circulatory system is to deliver oxygen to every cell in the body. If you feel a prickling or tingling in your feet or hands, then this could be a sign of peripheral vascular disease or PVD. This is a illness that has to do with the veins and arteries, which does not allow blood to flow adequately.

People who have a metabolic disorder have a much greater chance of having poor circulation in their feet or poor circulation in their hands. If the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood are too high, this causes blood vessel blockage. Apart from the hands and feet, this can actually happen in the torso or even the brain. However, feet and hands are certainly more likely to be affected. When the flow of blood to the hands and feet is reduced, then less nutrients and oxygen are available. There are many things that exacerbate poor circulation, such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol abuse, being overweight, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle or low physical activity, and sometimes genetic factors.

Naturopaths insist that poor circulation in the feet and hands could be caused by a calcium or potassium deficiency. If you mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water, it will create a great substance to restore lost minerals in the body. You may also try celery, which will help decrease your blood pressure, which, in turn, allows blood to flow more freely. Cayenne pepper is another great way to improve poor circulation the hands and feet. It is known to strengthen the heart and helps your body’s blood flow.

Now let’s talk about what you can actively do to improve poor circulation in the feet and hands. Hot and cold showers are quite effective for stimulating blood flow. It may be difficult at first, especially with the cold water, but your body will get used to it and reap the rewards.

One obvious thing smokes need to do is to quit. Besides the cavalcade of problems that smoking is already known to cause, it blocks your blood vessles and hinders proper circulation. In addition, you should exercise frequently. Aerobic exercise is the best way to keep the blood moving throughout your body. The more you exercise, the more your body gets used to being in motion. Also, when you have a short break, lie down and raise your feet. Putting them above heart level is a fantastic way to improve poor circulation in the feet and poor circulation in the hands. For the original story, and further information on poor circulation, click here

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26 Responses to “Poor Circulation Can Cause Hands and Feet To Tingle – updated article with information on how to treat it.”

  1. 1
    Pitter54 Says:
    can poor circulation cause diabetes type II?
  2. 2
    Tracy Says:
    I have warm tingling sensations waking me up thru the nights lately. I'm not sure what is causing it... It seems to have started just after adding blackstrap molases to my diet. I decided to add blackstrap molases to my diet for it's overall health benefits but I'm not sure if I should continue or just cut the dosage down. In any event I guess I will need to see a doctor soon... Any similar stories and/or remedies are appreciated! Thanks
  3. 3
    George Says:
    I have constant tingling and numbness in my right hand.Could someone tell me what that might be?
  4. 4
    Amy Says:
    My feet have been prickling for years. Dr. doesn't know what is wrong, but he had me begin taking Vitamin C Ester, after my hands, arms and body began tingling. He said if this doesn't help, he will send me to a neurologist. The body has stopped tingling. What I think brought on this tingling in the arms, hands and body is the fact that I stopped exercising after I had surgery on one of my legs. I had 3 weeks where I had to quit going to yoga: (stretching exercises) and got no exercise, because I would have to elevate my leg 3 to 5 times a day with moist heat and alternate with a cold pack. I became very sedentary & didn't get out of my chair very much. I do have borderline diabetes, but the A1C numbers are not nearly high enough to prescribe pills.
  5. 5
    davy Says:
    email me if you do are think you do anything will help, thanks.
  6. 6
    davy Says:
    i have pricl\kling in my left feet started and wont stop any one knows whats wrong?
  7. 7
    sar Says:
    Patti, did you ever come up with a solution???? it sounds familiar to me except for the foggy brain and dizziness.
  8. 8
    al stehr Says:
    TO every body with aches and pains,mental,circulatory,skin ailments,brain fog,poor bowel movements,gut problems,diebetes,heartburn,ostioperosis,parkinsons,and other autoimune disorders the gluten in wheat is the cause. You must eliminate it completely. To do this successfuly you must research an follow a celiac diet. Books to read are Dangerous Grains by James Braly, M.D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A. and Alkalize or die. Some of the food to avoid are all breakfast cereals unless marked gluten free, all proccessed meats, most soups and canned goods, most items on restaurant menues. If you can't cook now is the time to learn. You will start to realize how good something you cook can be even if it is just simple. You need to know that big corporations control the food now and they want you to eat more. Gluten is also quite adictive and consumption is normalized so you are eating it so often you couldn't keep track. Just try to find something at starbucks besides coffee without gluten in it. It is my observation that most alcoholices are more addicted to the gluten in grain alcohol than the alcohol it self. The most violent alcoholics are beer and whiskey drinkers. Most alcoholics that join AA end up going to meetings and clubs were coffee and baked goods are often abundent and ussually dye quite early due to heavy consomtion of acid and gluten from these items.
  9. 9
    Patti Says:
    This all sounds way too familiar. I have lived my entire life with cold hands and feet but never to the extent that I have now. I have been tested for anemia more than 15 times. Over the past few years my neck has been getting tighter, to the point of my hands falling asleep, so I was seeing a chiroprator until I realized it really wasn't fixing anything. My feet have been falling asleep while working out on a treadmill or eliptical machine so I quit way before I have to. I have always walked a lot but after 30 - 45 minutes now my feet hurt way too much. This past winter my hands and nose were so cold that they actually hurt. (I live in Florida) I was wearing gloves with the fingers tips cut out just so I could work at the computer. Then my shoulder starting hurting very badly. I went to several doctors and nothing. One doctor actually said it was arthritus after taking an xray and gave me a cortizone shot. He said it would releive the swelling and I wouldn't have any more pain. Well, what actually happened was my neck and shoulder got so stiff for the first 48 hours that I could barely move and my hands hurt so bad I thought I was going to end up at the hospital. He said I was imagining it because cortizone doesn't do that! My blood work over the past few years has also been volatile. I have been taking medicine for hypothyroidism for almost 17 years now but the doctor has changed my Rx so often over the last few years that I can't keep track and it's still getting worse. It's like I'm not metabolizing it like I used to. I have also been feeling very foggy-headed and the dizziness and light-headedness has gotten so bad and I became so figity that they have actually diagnosed me as ADHD and I started taking Vyvanse. It may have calmed the figityness but it hasn't done a thing for my foggy brain and dizzyness. Right now I stay on it because it's the only thing keeping me awake during the day. And I can't even begin to explain why I am so exhausted after I work physically for a day even though I felt nothing short of fantastic while working. Are heart doctors better at diagnosing circulatory problems? I've tried bone doctors, hormone specialists, endocrinologists, chiropractors, therapists, accupuncture and a homeopath and it's still getting worse. The funny thing is they all send me away saying they have solved my problem! Aaahhh!!! Help.
  10. 10
    Martin Says:
    Katherin, I too started getting the same problem in my legs and hands as mentioned by you. I can see that you have posted this last year. Can you let us know whether you had any break through in getting a resolution? This will help us to treat ourselves.
  11. 11
    Heriberto Says:
    Hi my names Heriberto, im 18 years old. this is my first time that i feel this way, last night 3/23/10 i started to feel my body getting a little cold then like 6 seconds later my whole body started to tingle.(face,body,legs, and feet. It was a crazy feeling, before this happening to me i had gone to the doctors three times,those three times the Doctor had said that i was fine,that nothing was wrong, ive got CT scans blood work lots of stuff but yet nothing was found. every night i found myself in a struggle to sleep, i know theres something wrong but i dont know what, my body has changed i dont feel the same,my whole life style is new because of whats happening to me, some symptoms are daily light headed,a little headache,anxiety arms feel between cold and hot sometimes weak, i dont eat much no more due to this,i lost 4 pounds in like six days, sometimes i feel like im going to pass out, my ears ring constantly, to be honest im scared of what might happen to me if i dont find out whats wrong, if you can please help me that would really mean allot to me. thank you and God Bless You.
  12. 12
    Suzie Says:
    This is amazing because I am getting the same stiffness in my legs and arms. for years I slept with my legs on a pillow at night. My mother had the same problem in her elder years. the pillow helps me a great deal. Now, I am beginning to feel this stiffness in my arm and neck. I don't care for medications but I am taking cholestrol and pressure tablets. When I exercise I get some relief too. These suggestions about diet are helpful. I will now eliminate gluten foods and some of the rice to see what happens. Thanks for the comments, people.
  13. 13
    davidus Says:
    you should find out your blood type and eat accordingly..u will be amazed. ..you are a type 0 by the sound of it - you cant eat - grains, legumes, dairy and wheat etc.. you thrive on high proteins / meats diet - reds - and some fruit and vegetables.. but no nightshade vegetables (corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers )
  14. 14
    Markus Says:
    @katharine: I had the same problem, waking up in the night with no feeling in my hand and arms, almost every night. and for more than a year. About 3 years ago I had discovered that all food containing gluten (e.g. wheat, barley, rye) have a very harmful reaction to my body. (Dermatitis herpetiformis). At that time I started to eat glutenfree. The situation became worse about 2 months ago, I also stopped to eat oats which I used to eat for my daily breakfast. And then, a couple of days later, no more pain in my hands anymore, since then until now, no pain and no problem with my hands and arms anymore.
  15. 15
    cg Says:
    carrie, I believe much of your discomfort could be alleviated or even eliminated by changing your diet. I see a naturopath who has helped people with various conditions immensely. He says that all wheat products, rice, and other types of grains thicken, deoxify and ultimately damage the blood due to the high content of gluten found in most of these genetically modified/altererd products. This in turn begets poor circulation among other circulatory and cardiac disorders and diseases. The good news is there's help. Go to Dr. Norman's medicina alternativa.com or call 787-250-0707 for more info, You will need to understand Spanish. Dr. Norman is based in Puerto Rico.
  16. 16
    JeanE. Says:
    My lower legs and arms both go to sleep or get tingling when I'm not using them. It got bad around 9 months ago. Then for a couple months this winter it wasn't so bad. Now it is really really bad - worse than before. Sometimes my hands are so asleep I can't move them in the middle of the night until I get them to wake up. Dr.'s have been no help so far.
  17. 17
    Carrie Says:
    I just went to Dr today, I have history of long thorasic brachial bell nerve paralysis in my right arm due to reconstructive surgery 8 years ago. Now on top of severe pain in my right hand at night, I'm dealing with bilateral circulatory problems in my legs. This occurs during all hrs when I sit irreguardless of my postion. Both legs from hips down go completely knumb! Have no explantion yet just a prescription for Neurotin!? It is interfering in an extreme with my life and dont know what may lie ahead. Its hard to work with two knumb, dead, then tingling legs. I work out at gym without problems it only when I get still that this occurs. Anyone with any similar problems or any suggestions?
  18. 18
    Cecelia Says:
    For supporting circulation consumption of Cayenne herbal remedy could help. "[Cayenne] may be used in conditions marked by insufficient peripheral circulation leading to cold hands and feet...[pain]... No side effects or drug interactions have been reported" (Hoffman, 2003, p. 536). Cayenne pills come in a variety of concentrations and are available at various health food stores. The pills come in varying degrees of BTU's and it is recommended that if you have never taken cayenne before as a herbal supplement to start with the lowest BTU available (around 20,000). Hope this helps.
  19. 19
    lawrence Says:
    ask ur doctor to check u 4 raynauds syndrome
  20. 20
    al stehr Says:
    Dear Katharine - Yours and just about every body elses seamingly age related problems originate from diet and it is very simple to cure. Once you ajust your diet the recovery will be quite rapid. The first thing you are going to have to realize is that gluten is the main culprit and it is not just in bread and baked goods, it is hidden in just about all prosessed foods for varios reasons. It is what causes plaque on your teeth as well as arteries, mental disorders, joint pain, acne, heart attacks, lupus, etc. I recomend reading Dangerous Grains. The other thing you need to address is your PH. Wheat is not only an inflamatory it is acidic. Once I quite wheat most of my problems rapidly disappered but I was stiil quite acidic due to my wine cosumption. It could be said that I was suffering acidosis. I am acolon cancer surviver of 9 years now and I just recently discovered these seamingly guarded secrets by the medical proffession and the cancer society. It seams everybody wants a cure but why not eliminate the cause? The answer is simply that everybody stops making money. There is lots of information on PHing your body and foods to eat, foods to avoid, PH test strips, Pascoe PH balance tablets if you find yourself over acidic.
  21. 21
    Mallory Says:
    Katharine, Did you ever find out more about this problem? When reading your post, I feel like I am reading a summary to the past 3 years of my life. I recently tried to attack this problem with doctors. I had a nerve conduction test done and they ruled out nerve damage in my feet. I tried to tell my doctor I think it might be circulatory, but she insisted that it is nerve and that I have to see a neurologist. Of course I don't have the money for a neurologist right now, and the problem seems to disappear for months at a time and then start back suddenly. I even have trouble writing sometimes. I don't know if this is connected, but my nails turn blue/purple when I'm cold... that made me think more circulatory.
  22. 22
    sheryl Says:
    I run three times a week and it is painful and my feet are numb. They also swell and are really red which creates problems with the cooling down. The other part is they are often really cold and it hurts to run and there is lots of pain. This happens in just walking as well. I am now diagnosed with PVD and I am only 43! I eat organic food, limited alcohol intake and run so I don’t fit the typical criteria and I do not smoke. I am hooked up to a special machine two times daily for one hour each that helps to create circulation. Ask to see a vascular specialist as they can appropriately diagnose
  23. 23
    Jeff Says:
    I get almost the exact same feelings in my hands and feet and often wake up in the middle of the night to find that my hands are completely asleep. I've gone to doctors, gotten an MRI because i thought it was related to a pinch nerve in my neck, and they couldn't figure it out. I have noticed that the tingling is more persistent after weekends of being unhealty (drinking alcohol, eating bad, etc), but I think the main cause could be caffeine. In the past few months i have doubled my caffeine intake and that's of course when I started noticing everything getting worse. Everyone's body is different, but I would say to first clean up your diet for a couple of months, while exercising more. Once you have all of those possible causes out the way, and still nothing has changed, then go see a doctor. Good luck. Jeff
  24. 24
    katharine Says:
    I get the same thing. When I do exercise, like running or using a step machine in the gym I get really bad numbing pains in my feet which means I have to stop the cardio because it hurts. This is frustrating because I could often go on for longer. Also, quite often I will wake in the night with no feeling in my hands and this isn't because I am lying on them badly. Sometimes I am lying on my back with my hands resting on my stomach and it still happens. Does anyone know what can help decrease this or stop it? Really appreciate any feedback. Thank you Katharine
  25. 25
    JR Says:
    I walk over 8 hrs a day on concrete, and both my feet hurt everyday. After trying to ease the pain for about 2 yrs now I'm starting to think that its from poor blood circulation to my legs and feet. If anyone has a similar story or possible remedy, please let me know...Thanks..!!
  26. 26
    Emily Says:
    I heard that poor circulation may be due to a potassium or calcium deficiency. Some sites recommend mixture of honey and apple cider.