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Pampering Yourself with the Luxury of Natural Homemade Spa Treatments

It is a major concern of health experts that we do not allow ourselves enough down-time, away from our eternal stress ridden life. Being constantly ‘connected’ via phone and internet has started to show more reasons to focus on giving ourselves time to rejuvenate. One of the easiest and best ways is to set up a homemade spa treatment for yourself.


The first step is to find a place that offers peace and quiet. Typically, your bathroom can be your safe haven and can be filled with wonderful experiences to bring you into a soothing state for your spa treatment. You will want to touch as many of you senses as possible. Start with a warm bath that includes essential oils and natural scents. You can leave the lighting low and add candles. Sound is also important so place your favorite CD with soothing music or even the sound of rain or a running brook. Relaxing is another key. As you lay in the bath, begin with your toes and slowly move up your body until you finish with your head.

While you may have accomplished all of the above, it will not work if you don’t clear your mind. Elimination of all of the stressful thoughts can be done by beginning to think about one of the happiest calm places you may have been or want to be. Walking on a beach may sound traditional, but it is one of the most powerful calming locations. Appealing to the relaxation centers of the brain and addressing all of your senses is what some of the most expensive spa centers accomplish. Give yourself the time you need, whether thirty minutes or an hour. When you are ready to relinquish your environment, towel down with a soft clean towel and apply a natural moisturizer to help soften the skin.

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