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Oddest Beauty Trends of Today

The search for eternal beauty is part of the human psyche and has been found throughout the ages to be a mainstay of interest. Today, just as in the past, both and women search for beauty secrets, but there are some that we all would consider not only odd, but bizarre.


Bull testicle hair mask is currently being used in a salon in Santa Monica, California. Touted as the secret ingredient for luxurious and shiny hair, they mix up this concoction and spread it on your hair.

Adding real crystals as a sparkly touch to lipstick may be ok for the crazy fashions on the runway, but some are taking it to the streets. It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘bedazzle’ as a beauty trend.

Meteorite facial cream. Yes, face cream made from objects that have fallen from outer space. (We couldn’t make this stuff up)

Pizza scented perfume. Yes, thanks to Pizza-Hut, you can carry the smell of that pizza with you, no matter where you go.

Stiletto shoe obsession to the point of foot surgeries to get those tootsies into your favorite shoes.

A Thai treatment that involves slapping your face to remove facial wrinkles. While it’s supposed to also help in reducing your pores, it is the kind of behavior that could get you thrown into one of those mental hospitals.

Snail slime facial treatments. I guess people will go for anything as a beauty trend.

Yeti boots equate to a pair of boots that were inspired by Big Foot. Loosely, disheveled hair-like fur covering a pair of boots or shoes.

In Asia, both men and women are having injections into their foreheads to give them a ‘bagel-head’. This is a bagel shaped lump that protrudes from their forehead.

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