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Investing of Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology applications show enormous promise, and cover almost the entire spectrum of technology. Microbial biotechnology is applying the principles of science and engineering to material processing using microorganisms or other organic cells to come up with new processes and products. There are many different fields and industries where microbial biochemistry and applied microbial biotechnology can be used.

Microbial biotechnology can improve many different areas of our life, and in many cases it already has. The food and beverage industry uses applied microbial biotechnology in many products. Food like pickles, yogurt, alcohol like beer and whiskey, butter, cheeses, soy sauce, vitamins and minerals, sauerkraut, and many other foods and beverages depend on this technology. These foods and beverages require fermentation, which is done using microorganisms.

Medical science has benefited greatly from applied microbial biotechnology. Drugs that depend on this technology include all antibiotics and antimicrobials. The new antiviral drugs that are having an effect on HIV, AIDS, and even the flu are all available thanks to microbial biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. Research is being done in this field to discover more microbial metabolites that can be used to treat many different medical conditions and diseases. Microbial biotechnology can also be used in recombinant DNA and traditional gene therapies, using microbes and parts of the DNA strand to create medicines which are more effective and can target a specific gene or microbe.

Applications for microbial technology also includes vaccines. Without vaccines, diseases like smallpox, chickenpox, and polio would still be world wide health threats, and new vaccines are needed all the time as viruses and other microbes become known or mutate. This technology also has applications concerning tests and products. It is thanks to microbial biotechnology that we have fast tests which identify strep throat, HIV, and even pregnancy in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or months. Health care products that benefit from microbial biochemistry include antibodies, insulin, human growth hormone, and many others.

Microbial biotechnology has applications in agriculture, fossil fuel mining and recovery, contamination and quality control in both food and products, environmental safety, the management of wastewater and solid wastes, and in environmental science, to name just a few of the industries and fields that benfit from applied microbial biotechnology. The applications that this technology can be used to benefit are almost endless. As the world becomes more modern, biotechnology using microbes is becoming more prevalent.

Microbial biotechnology can be applied to almost any industry to make it more efficient. This technology plays a big part in the medical sciences, the quality of the food we eat and drink, farming, ranching, and so much more. It would be almost impossible to live at all and not be exposed to applied microbial biotechnology. More oil may become available for recovery thanks to microbial biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. Microbial leaching allows the oil companies to get more oil from areas. Microbial biotechnology also allows wastewater to be turned into clean fresh water fit for drinking, due to the use of microbes which can detoxify the water and remove any waste components. Microbes will play an enormous part of the future of both mankind and the earth, and microbial biotechnology is the way that this will be done.

Since microbial biotechnology is the technology of the future, stock in companies that are responsible for this technology may be a wise investment. As we understand more and discover new microbes, microbial biotechnology will develop ways to use microbes to benefit the earth and all living things on it. This technology has an enormous number of applications in almost every industry.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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