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How To Get Rid of Burst Blood Vessels in the Eyes – updated article

Last year we wrote an article about burst blood vessels in the eye. As this article was popular amongst our readers, we have decided to expand on it, and answer the most common questions related to this ailment.

What is a burst blood vessel in the eye?

A burst blood vessel in the high is referred to by doctors as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This name, as well as the physical appearance of burst vessels in the eye, makes the whole thing seem worse than it actually is from a medical standpoint. In the vast majority of cases, the signs of the hemorrhage clear up within 2 weeks, and do not require any treatment. The problem is purely a cosmetic one.

A burst blood vessel is simply when a vessel breaks that is located just beneath the surface of the eye. Sometimes when this happens, the eye is able to absorb the blood sufficiently rapidly, and you do not get a red mark in your eye. When the eye cannot do this, however, the blood gets trapped and remains there for a number of days.

What are the causes of a burst blood vessel in your eye?

The most common cause of burst blood vessels is a combination of stress and high blood pressure. In addition, regular bodily functions such as excessive sneezing and coughing can be a cause, as they strain the eyes.

Naturally, direct contact with the eye can lead to a burst blood vessel.

They are less common, but there are some more serious causes of burst blood vessels in the eye, that warrant treatment, such as these:

Some diabetics suffer from diabetic eye disease, which causes blood vessels in the eye to
regularly break, and leads to loss of vision. People with diabetes should be aware of this disease.

If you have ‘Red eye’ the blood vessels swell because they retain more blood than usual. This can result from a variety of factors, such as glaucoma, or an allergic reaction.

Hyphema is when the blood appears in the eye between the pupil and the cornea. This can be a warming sign that glaucoma will occur, and this can lead to total loss of vision.

What can be done to prevent a reoccurrence of benign burst blood vessels in your eye?

It is fairly random, so your options are limited. Some suggest that taking Vitamin C helps (200 mg a day), as this helps the body to strengthen the linings of small blood vessels. Grape seed extract is reported to produce the same effect.

When are burst blood vessels in the eye serious?

Whilst this ailment is generally completely benign, there are some cases in which you certainly should consult your doctor. If you notice any changes in vision, experience any pain in the eye, have a problem with high blood pressure, or if you have physically injured your eye, go to your doctor.

Blood in the front part of the eye between the cornea and the pupil/iris is known as a hyphema and requires immediate medical attention. A hyphema can lead to the sudden onset of glaucoma and permanent loss of vision.

If you suffer from red eye and you are experiencing pain, or loss of vision, there is some discharge from the eye, a cloudy cornea, a swelling of the eyelids, or you have bright red blood between the cornea and the iris, then you should see a doctor.

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55 Responses to “How To Get Rid of Burst Blood Vessels in the Eyes – updated article”

  1. 1
    Kiki Says:
    Reading responses, I'd say this is definitely the most moronic thread ever. Google burst blood vessels people. Unless you have serious other symptoms, it is harmless and not symptomatic of anything serious. There are MANY reasons you get them from sneezing to heavy lifting to blunt force trauma. Do people just like posting ignorant comments without any research whatsoever because they are actually STUPID or because they just feel like making random, lame-brained comments? You do not need to go to the doctor from just a blood vessel. He will laugh you out of his office. Obviously if you have suffered a serious injury or feel dizziness/vision impairment GO to a physician, but if you wake up with a blood vessel you simply don't like the looks of (and WHO does) just relax.
  2. 2
    dai dee Says:
    my left eye is bloodshot red and i went to the doctors this morning they gave me eyedrops but i want to kno how fast does these drops actually work?
  3. 3
    Amanda Says:
    10-14 Days? strange I can get mine to go way overnight. Mine typically come from hard bouts of crying after fights with my fiancee but heres how I get rid of them! Rinse your eyes in lukewarm water for a bit. What I do is get a wash cloth and soak it then lean over the sink and gently press it to my closed eye so I can feel the water, then I stop and do it a few more times. I look in the mirror to see if most of the red is gone. If not i get a cup and fill it and gently use that to rinse some more of my eye. Very annoying but very helpful. If you dont want to do that you can fill a glass to the brim with water then hold your eye under the surface and blink a few times. Just be sure not to lose an eyelash. Usually this all rinses my eye of a lot of the blood that leaked. After that I take a washcloth and put COLD water on it and wring it out some so its not dripping. Then lay down and put it over my eyes for an hour or so to soothe the irritated eye(s). Then, dont stress or do anything straining or rub your eyes or anything for the rest of the day. Go to bed and get a lot of sleep and it should be gone by morning!!! It's always worked for e.
  4. 4
    Kristine Says:
    i really had the same problem. i was also vomiting too much! my eyes are red for 1 week ! i really hope my eyes will heal in 2 weeks. HELP ME!
  5. 5
    Miranda Says:
    Okay My Brother Is Like A Ninja! He Was All The Way On The Other Side Of The Hallway And He Threw This Spiky Lookin Thing (That Isnt Sharp) Directly On My Eye. It Hurt Like Minor. I Looked In The Mirror And I Hadd A Popped Vessel, But What I Dont Get Is How Did This Happen If It Doesnt Hurt? It Still Doesnt Hurt; At All. I Thought It Would Go Away Over Nite. Then I Looked Up There ^^ And It Says Up To 3 Weeks; But Does That Still Apply If My Eye Doesnt Hurt At All?? Thank You
  6. 6
    Alex Says:
    I got in a fight about 5 days ago nd a good part of half the White bit in my eye is red so I hope it goes soon when I look 2 one side it looks like I'm the sporn of the devil so I hope it does go cause I'm shittin it lol
  7. 7
    Satish Says:
    Some sources say just 3 days (like my eye doctor) but others say 2 to 3 weeks. Whats true? does it depend on how big the problem is (ive looked at pictures and it ranges A LOT) Does it dissapear gradually or just at once? These are questions that I really want answered, I just got one and cant stand it!
  8. 8
    Satish Says:
    Yesterday, a blood vessel burst in my eye. I was playing basketball and had been poked in the eye by accident. A didnt hurt or really bother me. An hour later, people told me that my eye was red. I have allergies that make it red, but i took my perscrition medicine for it that day, but i had gone swimming so I thought that it might have washed out or something. But when I went to the bathroom, I saw in the mirror that this was deffinitly nothing to do with my allergies. Instead of the eye just being a little red all around, there was a small red dot. Then I remembered being poked but am not sure that thats what really caused it. I called an eye doctor, and they told me that it was probably a burt blood vessel and if it doesnt clear up in 3 days to come in. So I looked it up on the computer and that was defenitly it. I saw images, and for the most part I have a very small one compared to most of them. So here I am, looked up cures and things and cant seem to find anything. I know it says that its just cosmetic, but I'd still like to see it come off sooner. Id go pick up medicine from anywhere for this.
  9. 9
    arnie Says:
    I have a small brownish red stain on the bottom right corner of my eye. I went to an eye doctor and he told me it was scleral pigmentation and that it's natural does that go away? Should I make lifestyle changes like no more coffee, certain foods?
  10. 10
    Donnie Says:
    This happen to me before. I had an evaluation and when I got finish I went to the rest room and looked in the mirrow my eye had a blood shot in it, but it went away. This time I woked up and looked in the mirrow and their it was. I know this was stress and maybe my blood pressure. I had to perform that saturday, (as sing) and was under a lot of stress from all of the reherrsals I had to do.
  11. 11
    Shantae Knows Best Says:
    Yes you can have a needle take the blood out of your eye..I would really consult your doctor. I have read a lot of messages and some seem extremely stupid yet ring a bit of truth. To the fool with the clotted eye, I wouldn't even wait foor this to heal. You need to be seen by a doctor immediately, or rick losing your e ye vision permanantly.
  12. 12
    Striker Says:
    You need to see a doctor immediately.
  13. 13
    Miranda Says:
    Ahh Your Scaring Me! This Is My Comment: Okay My Brother Is Like A Ninja! He Was All The Way On The Other Side Of The Hallway And He Threw This Spiky Lookin Thing (That Isnt Sharp) Directly On My Eye. It Hurt Like Minor. I Looked In The Mirror And I Hadd A Popped Vessel, But What I Dont Get Is How Did This Happen If It Doesnt Hurt? It Still Doesnt Hurt; At All. I Thought It Would Go Away Over Nite. Then I Looked Up There ^^ And It Says Up To 3 Weeks; But Does That Still Apply If My Eye Doesnt Hurt At All?? And I Dont Want It To Stay There!!
  14. 14
    taylor Says:
    when i was in 3rd grade this boy that sat agross from me decided to take all the pencil leads of the colored pencils and flick them at me. Well one of them hit my eye and a blood vessel broke. I am now almost a JR in high school. It is still there! And people notice it! I hate that people think i get high or something! it bugs me really bad!!! WHAT DO I DO? p.s ... one time this girl told me that the doctor can stick a needle in you eye and get the blood out? is that true? thanks
  15. 15
    Sarah Says:
    Go to the doc!
  16. 16
    Pete Says:
    i take 2 advil n ice for 30 on off 3 times daily n in48 hours take a hot shower n let the water hit it for 30 min to break up the clooting blood n blackeyes are gone in like 4 days
  17. 17
    Sarah Says:
    Are you a complete fool? OMG You shouldn't have put rubbing alcohol or peroxide. The film is probably the peroxide left on your eye.
  18. 18
    raisineye Says:
    I got drunk Friday night a week ago, and got punched out by a neighbor for some stupid reason and ended up in the hospital over night. My eye was swole shut. It took almost two whole days for me to open it up enough to see that my frigging eye had clotted into a raisin for lack of a better description. I was afraid that if I'd open it any wider that the raisin of an eye would pop out. Fortunately, adding rubbing alcohol and peroxide to my eye, I was able to loosen the clot up a bit so that I can now somewhat see out of it, but now I have this glazed film over it with something like a vein that extends over it like a little tree trunk or branch and it throbs with pain. I can move the eye muscle I guess, but it seems like it only moves something underneath the filmy glaze. I'm afraid to tear it. I can only see light and shapes out of that eye. Will this ever go away? It's been a week. Should I break the film or poke it with a needle? Any info will be great! Thanks...
  19. 19
    Garry Says:
    I burst my blood vessel in my left eye this morn. Went to the doctor an was told it was not serious it would heal in 3-4 weeks but im wondering should i get an eye patch? If someone out there know this a good idea please respond back. Thank you Garry
  20. 20
    Annoyed Says:
    Mine happened in the 3rd grade, and nows there is just a darker, brown color next to my iris. I get asked often what it is and its extremely annoying. Is there any way to get rid of it ?
  21. 21
    taylor Says:
    ughh same with me!!! but mine hasnt gone away!!!! since 3rd grade ... and now im in 10th :( ughhh what do we do?
  22. 22
    anonymous Says:
    Same. lol. how long did it take to go away?
  23. 23
    anonymous Says:
    ive been sick and sneezing, so i popped a blood vessel. but now everyone at my school thinks im smoking weed....
  24. 24
    legion Says:
    I've broke eye vessels in my eye one time and some of it went away but most of it stayed. It's been there for 2 yrs now! it's sucks!! any ideas how to remove it??
  25. 25
    jane doe Says:
    Are you serious? I just got one yesterday and I have to wait two weeks. I work at a Daycare center those kids are going to be running from me like I'm a monster. I can already see it. lol. Cant wait til its over.
  26. 26
    atong Says:
    it hurts
  27. 27
    atong Says:
    any one i dont want to go to the doctor i am scard what they miggth do plaease tell me something i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP............................
  28. 28
    atong Says:
    I still do not get why people get blood veesel bursts in there eyes
  29. 29
    ING Says:
    You should leave your abusive husband! It will only get worse! He should be treating you like his queen always and especially as you are pregnant! Leave now before he disrespects you again!
  30. 30
    Shanell Says:
    My husband slapped me n the face and immediately I had a broken blood vessel n my eye. Doesn't hurt but I'm just wondering how I'll be able to explain it off to all my coworkers come Monday if t isn't heale by then. I'm pregnant and throw up alot so I'll say I was vomiting all day n I woke up n I had a popped vessel. That should work
  31. 31
    Susan Says:
    I burst a blood vessel in my eye and it looked horrible. Most of it cleared up within 2 weeks but now it has been 1 month and there is still a tiny red dot in my eye. Is is ever going away? Are these things ever permanent?
  32. 32
    Tee Says:
    Does anyone have an answer as to how to treat it? My eyes are constantly red even with 7 hours of sleep?
  33. 33
    Paul Says:
    same...how you feeling now, and has it gone away?
  34. 34
    daph Says:
    i think u should go to the doctor
  35. 35
    Lynn Says:
    i got hit in the eye and now my eye is really red. it hurts when i blink. could you please help? i dont want to go to a doctor
  36. 36
    Candy Apple Eye Says:
    My husband and I went to breakfast on Wednesday and he is the one that said what is that red spot in your eye. I got up went to the ladies room and oh boy a candy apple red spot in the right corner of the white of my eye. We after breakfast, went to Lens Crafters to see a doctor and he said it was a red eye situation. And wrote a doctors note for my work. By the way, it's still very red. I wear tinted glasses until it goes away. Which could be 1-2 weeks. Oh well. At least it's not pink eye.
  37. 37
    NERD Says:
    I have a weird eye problem. I have had it since the beginning of June. In the inner corner of my eye, a vein is really red and sticks out, and it doesn't effect my vision or anything. It hasn't healed for a whole month. Any ideas?
  38. 38
    Silly Fool Says:
    I have a busted blood vessel in my eye! I also think mine came from being choked. I got into a fight with my boyfriend early Saturday morning and he was choking me. It didn't show up until Monday morning, when I went to look in the mirror I noticed it. Now I am at work with a jacked up eye. Ugh!
  39. 39
    brandnewchair Says:
    i can't figure out is this is serious or not. either way it's great. I'm glad you and your wive have such a healthy relationship.
  40. 40
    skorchy young Says:
    my wife has a broken blood vessel in her eye and it dont look to good,well she think it came from me choking her. i think she could be right i told her sorry now everything is cool,p.s fisicle abuse is horrible and mental is just as worst so never get into it i will learn from this shit...oh yes the reason for the choking was that she griped my dick and turned it like a door nob so she deserved it.lol!!
  41. 41
    V Says:
    My eye cleared up after about 4 days. I guess it was just a broken blood vessel... Im happy its not red anymore! haha =D
  42. 42
    tiny Says:
    this happend to me . iwoke up this morning and noticed my corner of my eye (the farthest part from yur face) was red. now its like to the middlee . :( eww help
  43. 43
    V Says:
    Brenda, Did you eye get better yet? I had the same problem, it was a small red spot on the side of my eye and then in the morning my whole eye was red & bloodshot. This was 3 days ago, how long before your eye cleared up?
  44. 44
    brenda Says:
    I kinda got scared when I saw a little red spot on my eye and when I woke up in the morning it spreaded to half of my eye it does not hurt or any thing I think I'm going to wait it out
  45. 45
    Sarah Says:
    My father-in-law is an optometrist. He said to put a warm compression on your eye lid to help it go away quicker. It will just take a week or two to go away.
  46. 46
    tiny Says:
    omg same thingg happendd to meee. idk if ihave bruising from the blood vessel getting popped or from being in a fight but eyeshadoww covrss the bruises. & take alergy medicine to reduce swellinng or ibprofein . & putt ice on itt
  47. 47
    tina Says:
    same question ...what did u do?????HELP HELP How long did it take for it to go away? I have one and i am going out . The bruisng and sweling should be well healed by then but the blood shot eye looks awful. HELP X
  48. 48
    Melissa Says:
    How long did it take for it to go away? I have one and i am going out on Saturday. The bruisng and sweling should be well healed by then but the blood shot eye looks awful. HELP X
  49. 49
    anonoymous Says:
    i was invloved in a fight. the girl punchd me in my face. yea i kno funny ha ha. but on the serious not the left side of my left eye is red. i thought eye drops might help but my mom said it will go away on its own... ugh i hate this
  50. 50
    Janet Oliver Says:
    I was wondering if it is suppose to hurt to the touch on your eyelid. I don't remember doing anything to upset them, but I can feel it when I touch my eyelid and I looked under neath and the blood vessels have been broken. Thank you. Janet
  51. 51
    clair Says:
    if you get red inside the white part of the eye near the nose,like where the glasses sit part of the iner eye is this also nothing to worry about or is this more serious,it is like the sack at the side of the eye ball not actualy the ball only
  52. 52
    Toni Says:
    that happened to me also, i forgot my eyedrops and my contacts start to get itchy and uncomfortable, when i got home i remove it and rub my eyes for some relief, after that i got this massive red spot in my right eye... i hope this thing will be gone soon
  53. 53
    Matt Says:
    Hmm. My contact lens was killing last night, so bad i drove all the way home from my GF's to take it out and stop the pain/eye watering... Unrelated: Today I look in the mirror and see i have a massive red vein next to my iris... A quick google to see what it was, first result, first reply "and I couldn't wear my contacts for a few weeks" Ballocks. I wonder how long till this goes, funny, ive been very stressed lately (missed a coursework deadline)...
  54. 54
    T Says:
  55. 55
    Agnes Says:
    When I gave birth to my daughter, I pushed so hard that I burst blood vessels in my left eye. It looked terrible and I couldn't wear my contacts for a few weeks, but for the most part it didn't cause me a lot of trouble. They do go away. You just have to be patient and let your body heal itself.