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Hot Stones Body Massage is Good for Your Skin

Hot Stones

  • The skin epidermis, or upper layer of the skin, is where most skin care issues take place
  • Since our skin is the organ that protects us the most, certainly our first line of defense against the outside world, it’s very important that we take care of it, such as with natural skin care options
  • Natural skin remedies or natural treatments for promoting healthier, more beautiful skin can also be found in hot stone body massages

If you are one of millions of Americans who need to relax or if you’re just interested in improving the look of your skin, hot stones body massage can be a great opportunity for both. You may not have realized it but this type of massage is becoming increasingly popular and once you’ve experienced its many you’ll easily understand why.

Understanding Hot Stones Body Massage

At first, hot stones body massage may just look like someone placing a few rocks on your back but the process is actually a little more complex. The first important step is using the correct rocks. Massage therapists need rocks made from basalt. Their high iron content means they conduct and retain heat well which is important for this type of work. Second, the rocks need to be placed at special points on your back. These key areas are important to circulation and relaxation. The increased flow of blood to the muscles will help them start healing from the normal wear and tear of the day while the increased relaxation will help you regain a sense of tranquility in your own life.

Additionally, the heat released from the rocks on your back is believed to penetrate your skin and to reach your muscles. The warmth helps them relax as well which makes deeper massages and better results possible.

History of the Practice

Most people agree that hot stones body massage is not a new practice. Ancient people had been practicing similar methods for years. In fact, a Hawaiian version provides some of the best skin care results because after the back is warmed by the basalt rocks, another rock type is used to scrap away dead skin and leave you looking beautiful and fresh.

A woman named Mary Nelson was believed to be behind the resurgence of this type of massage. After practicing it herself with a large number of satisfied customers, she began teaching courses and now spas all over the country are offering this service.

Benefits of Hot Stones Body Massage

The benefits are actually quite numerous. Although not much has been done scientifically to prove any of these benefits, the anecdotal evidence for these massage therapies speaks volumes. Plus, many of the benefits make good medical sense. For example, improve circulation is going to help our skin stay healthier and younger looking that means if the rocks are enhancing blood flow then it is providing a real benefit to our bodies.

Additionally, these massages are wonderful relaxation techniques. The heat is soothing physically and emotionally. Plus, it loosens muscles and increases your sense of serenity. Sometimes the hot rocks are dipped into aromatherapy scents to further enhance these results.

The heat has also been shown to reduce pain, especially back pain, and to stop insomnia by increasing relaxation. If you have either problem, trying one of these massages might be a better first choice than turning to prescription medications and their side effects.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Julie V. Says:
    I have had a hot stones body massage and it is actually a very soothing technique that really works. I recommend it for everyone.