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Blood Vessels and Rosacea – 5 of the Most Effective Rosacea Remedies

Rosacea is a disorder that starts very subtly, and you might not even notice that you have it until the symptoms are more visible and painful. If you suffer from Rosacea, then you certainly know the frustration that comes with dealing with this disorder, especially in finding effective Rosacea remedies. Keep in mind that there is no one universal treatment that works for everyone, so you have to try them all to find one that works best for you. It is important to find one, because if left untreated, Rosacea can cause red bumps, lines, or even permanent skin damage. Here are five suggested remedies for broken blood vessels and Rosacea.

Blood Vessels And Rosacea - 5 Of The Most Effective Rosacea Remedies

1) Azelaic Acid. Sometimes the broken blood vessels and Rosacea problems may be helped by Azelaic Acid, as well as some other topical treatments. Saline injections may also work, because they will result in the shrinking of blood vessels.

2) Laser treatment. This involves having lasers cauterize the broken blood vessels, which, in turn, prevents the blood from getting to the skin surface. Such laser surgery is quite expensive and usually takes several treatments, but it is the last resort if you want to minimize the redness and lines.

3) Antibiotics. If your case is not severe, you may be prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, which you can then apply directly to the affected area. More serious cases may require antibiotics taken orally, as well as topical cream use. As a general rule, Rosacea sufferers should always wear SPF 15 sunscreen or higher.

4) Herbal treatments. Herbal formulas and creams have been shown to be effective Rosacea treatments for some patients. These treatments work by making the facial blood vessels stronger and promoting healthy circulation.

5) Vitamins and supplements. Since we are talking about a chronic condition, these must be taken on a regular basis for an indefinite time frame. To control the symptoms of Rosacea, Vitamins A and B are the most effective. If necessary, you should also add Vitamin C, fatty acids, and minerals to your daily intake as well. It is okay to take supplements along with prescription medications.

An important thing to mention is that you should not use acne medication to treat Rosacea symptoms, as this could actually exacerbate the problem. Even though it might be challenging to find the right Rosacea product that works for you, it is crucial to find one so that you can use it over the long term. There are also certain substances and foods you should avoid, as they might make the symptoms worse. An example of this is spicy foods. Also, be careful with the sun and try to avoid stressful situations. The combination of Rosacea supplements and vitamins together with lifestyle changes can be a very effective way to control your Rosacea problem.

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