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Black Cherry Extract: Is Known to Reduce Inflammation – Updated article with extra information

Cherries are probably the most delicious berries that exist. Not only do they make great desserts, but they also serve as a healthy and tasty snack. Around 2 million tons of cherries are currently produced and sold worldwide annually. The biggest producer of cherries is Turkey, and the U.S. is a close second. Besides being delicious though, black cherries in particular can be extremely beneficial for your health. Black cherry extract has many medicinal effects and the black cherry extract benefits for health are endless.

Black Cherry Extract

One of the main black cherry extract benefits is that it helps to decrease inflammation in various parts of the body. There is a powerful compound called anthocyanin contained in cherries, which is responsible for giving them that burgundy color. Research demonstrates that it is precisely this compound that helps reduce inflammation, which is a condition that happens to be our immune system’s response side effect. The chemicals that fight the various attackers, which our body is susceptible to, are the ones responsible for triggering such as soreness, redness, and warmth associated with inflammation. Inflammation is a condition that has been linked to to heart disease, according to researchers. To test the effectiveness of cherries, a Michigan University lab conducted an experiment on rats that tested positive for inflammation based on two main indicators. The rats were fed whole cherries, and after a short period of time, both of the inflammation indicators were reduced by 50 percent.

The anthocyanins contained in black cherries and black cherry extract can help fight arthritis as well, since arthritis is a result of repeated inflammation around the joints. Research has demonstrated that black cherry extract benefits are also preventative in that they can stop even the most painful arthritis types from occuring. Uric acid crystals build up to cause gout, and this results in a lot of pain and suffering for some. The risk of gout can be diagnosed by simply looking at the urate count in the blood, which comes in a form of uric acid. Black cherry extract has shown to lower those urate levels, and there is even more research, which states that urate levels have shown to be lower just within hours after eating cherries.

Besides all of these black cherry extract benefits, it is also a powerful antioxidant. Various research proves that the levels of antioxidants in black cherry juice are about five times higher that those in melons, carrots, and various other vegetables and fruit. It is important to drink the juice or black cherry extract specifically, because the juice contains more antioxidants than the berries themselves.

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    Victor Says:
    Wow, such great berries! I love cherries, so that’s just more reasons to eat them. But what is the most useful form to maximize the antioxidant besides juice? Would you still get all the good stuff if you made cherry pie?