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Are gold coins the best gold investment strategy?

Are really the best way for you to invest in gold? Gold coin investments have many benefits over other types of gold, but there may also be some disadvantages with this gold type as well. Using gold coins as an investment allows you to take possession of the metal that you purchase, and the coin form does not require large amounts of storage space or weigh a lot. In addition some have historical value, because gold currency has been used through history. You can find ones that date back hundreds or even thousands of years, but these are not ideal if you are only investing to make money. You can start a gold coin investment less than one hundred dollars, and you can continue to add to your collection over time.

Gold coins as an investment makes good sense for many who want to collect this precious metal, but there may be some drawbacks in choosing this form of gold. Coins usually have a higher markup than bars or large chunks of gold, so you may end up paying more for coins than you would if you purchased the same weight in gold bars instead. You will need to closely examine your investment strategies and desired goals, to determine which form of this precious metal you should invest in. A gold coin investment holds value much better than other forms of currency, and coins can be carried or stored in very small areas without needing a lot of space. Coins can also have more beauty, history, and other factors involved which may make this a better choice for some.

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    mohammad amin ramezanpuor Says:
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