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5 Ways to Get Best Skin Tan and Avoid Damaging UV rays – Updated Article With New Information

1. Extend Your Tan. If you already have a skin tan, the best way to keep it without further UV exposure is to make it last naturally as long as possible. This can easily be done just by keeping the skin moisturized, which keeps it from peeling along with the tan. In this way, the outer skin layer that contains the melanin (which gives your skin that deep color) can stay intact for a longer period of time.

Best Skin Tan

2. Tanning Beds. The main advantage of tanning beds over lying on the beach is that you have full control over how much exposure you get to those harmful UV rays, as well as the amount time and the conditions in which you are exposed to the UV rays. However, tanning beds are not for everyone. A new analysis has been conducted using about 20 separate studies that have shown that the risk of getting skin dramatically increases if you begin to get your skin tan in tanning beds before the age of 30. The American Cancer Society recommends spray-on tans, self-tanning or bronzing creams, as well as airbrush spray tans as better options, which we will discuss next.

3. Rub-On Tans. To get the best skin tan in the safest way you can use a self-tanner. Products that rub on to the skin are one of the best. The only problem with them is that they can be too intense. So, if you do not apply them correctly, your skin could turn orange and you’ll look like a pumpkin. In order to avoid the orange tint, it’s important to choose the product carefully and apply it in the exact way as instructed.

4. Spray-On Tans. Many people report that they prefer spray-on tans and that it is a better self-tanning method than the rub-on kind. With spray-on tans, it is easier to make sure that you have an even skin tan. Also, you can control the tint of it, making it as dark or light as you want.

5. Airbrush Spray Tans. These are done with a precision instrument slightly larger than a pen. It allows for a virtually flawless application, with special care on difficult areas, like elbows, knees, feet, face, and hairline. Depending on your type of skin, as well as daily activities, airbrush spray tans should last 5-7 days. It is easy to maintain airbrush skin tans indefinitely with follow-up applications. One airbrush skin tan application is equivalent to about 6 sessions in a tanning bed. Moreover, airbrush spray tans spare the skin from burns, and wear and tear.

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6 Responses to “5 Ways to Get Best Skin Tan and Avoid Damaging UV rays – Updated Article With New Information”

  1. 1
    tara Says:
    im 14 and i go out in the sun and tan aas much as i can! my mum and nan and all of my relatives have litreally lived in the sun and embraced tanning, and they are the picture of health! skin cancer? yeah its not gunna happen, unless you wear 6 UV in kefalonia :')
  2. 2
    Carot Says:
    hi everyone im an asian....and i already have a tanned skin since i was born but here in my country tanned skin is not what most people want, as you know they prefer white skin and you could fine any whittening products here but hardly find tanned products. though i prefer tanned skin because of it looks sexy and healthy. lastly if anyone wants to get tan i suggest you to come to thailand. the sun over here is so hot and you could have become a nice perfect tan faster and longer.
  3. 3
    student Says:
    Happily Tanning, you are absolutely wrong, light-moderate regular sunlight helps create Vitamin D and makes healthier skin, but doesn't reduce your chance for skin cancer or any cancer for that matter, the only safe tanning is spray tanning, and just wearing a low spf sunblock and just get outside more often, all though I have heard not many good things about spray tans, unless its a reputable salon.
  4. 4
    Happily Tanning Says:
    Tanning, especially regular exposure to moderate sunlight REDUCES nearly every type of cancer, even skin cancers. You've been had by a mistake (plan?) that has caused massive increases in most cancers due to vitamin D deficiency, caused by lack of sunlight (or alternatively; tanning lights). If you want the SCIENCE, check out vitamindcouncil.org. This Doctor has been collecting and publishing scientific evidence for years and people are finally starting to catch on. Health and blessing to you!
  5. 5
    Emily Says:
    Tanning beds are much worse then the sun! The first session alone increases the risk of skin cancer by 50%.
  6. 6
    Susan Says:
    I've tried using spray on tans and rub on products and either way I look like a carrot no matter how good the product is. I've taken to tanning in a bed and I go for a half-hour at a time. The mositurizer makes a difference in keeping my tan nice and I keep it up throughout the winter so that when I am in the sun in the summer my tan stays nice without having to bake.