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5 Ways to Battle Sweaty Hands and Feet

Sweaty Hands and Feet

  • Severe cases of sweaty hands and feet can be treated surgically or with mild electric shocks
  • Medications can be prescribed to stop the body from sending out sweat signals
  • Products containing aluminum chloride can be useful at controlling some amounts of sweat on the hands and feet
  • A home remedy using black tea might be the best choice for milder cases

All of us sweat. It’s our body’s natural cooling system hard at work. Of course, some of us sweat more than others and sometimes that excessive sweating can be more than just a mild inconvenience. If you suffer from very sweaty hands and feet, you might be relieved to know there are a number of ways to overcome your problem. Below are five ways that you might want to consider.

5. Surgery

While surgery might sound like an extreme measure for someone suffering from sweaty hands, there are people who have become so frustrated by the problem that they will resort to desperate measures. The process is called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS). The surgeon uses a tiny camera to identify the nerve which is prompting the overproduction of sweat. That nerve is cut to permanently stop the signal and to put an end to the excessive sweating. While this is a permanent solution, most physicians want to try less invasive options before recommending it.

4. Electricity

If you’re thinking that sweaty hands and electricity don’t seem to make a good combination, you’re right in some ways. However, one of the FDA approved treatments for sweaty hands and feet is a process called Iontophoresis. Basically, your hands and/or feet are placed in water along with a mild electric charge. You’ll feel a tingle from the electricity which will actually stop the nerve from sending the signals to the sweat glands temporarily. The procedure needs to be repeated but only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Blisters can appear on the treated area but that’s the only serious side effect of the treatment.

3. Drugs

Before the above treatments are tried, most physicians will prescribe anticholinergic drugs. This is a class of drugs that stop impulses that travel along the sympathetic nervous system (this is the part responsible for sending sweating signals). The drugs are used for the treatment of lots o disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, but can be helpful in preventing sweaty hands and feet without the skin irritation caused by Iontophoresis.

2. Aluminum Chloride

Some of the stronger antiperspirants on the market include an ingredient known as aluminum chloride. This ingredient actually is very effective at drying up that excessive sweat so your hands and feet will feel drier. Look for a product that contains at least 20% aluminum chloride then use it every night after you’ve washed and dried your hands and/or feet. Repeat every night until you start to see results which might take up to a week. Make sure to wash off the residue in the morning and never use aluminum chloride if you have open sores or injuries on the affected area.

1. Black Tea

Although drinking a delicious cup of tea might help you forget about your problem for a bit, the real solution is to soak your hands and feet in the tasty beverage. Black tea contains a compound known as tannic acid which basically works like a good antiperspirant. Add five tea bags to one quart of boiling water and prepare just like ordinary tea then soak your hands and/or feet in the liquid for about 30 minutes every night. This can be particularly useful if your condition isn’t severe enough to warrant surgery or medications but annoying enough to call for some type of action.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Treatment for sweating Says:
    Hi there I watched a video yesterday and the poor soul on the video had the most incredible case of hand sweating I had ever seen. His hands literally dripped with sweat. I think he would be a prime candidate for some radical treatment =O(
  2. 2
    WiseLee Says:
    Hi, Thanks for the informative sharing. As far as I am concerned, most of the methods are only offer temporarily solution. I even heard the acupuncture and some traditional Chinese herbal can help cure hyperthyroidism. May I know how true is it? From, WiseLee