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5 key alternative energy investment principles and matching mutual funds- Part 2

In terms of electric grid stocks, nearly 8% of its portfolio is invested in them, which is higher than the majority of other green funds (principle 1). Green building is an important part of the Winnslow fund’s portfolio, something that other funds don’t emphasize, which means that the fund has a good allocation into energy efficiency (principle 3). This is possibly the most important of all the principles. The Windslow fund also has over 6% of its portfolio invested into transportation (principle 4) and a low allocation to producers of biofuel (principle 2), although it must be said that its biomass allocation is mostly nothing more than metal recyclers.

So if green energy mutual funds are your thing, I recommend that you research further into the Winslow Green Growth Fund. Remember, when chosing such a fund there is much more to it than just analysing the performance of the fund in recent times – you must also be aware of the fundaments of the alternative energy sector, and where it is heading in the short, medium and long term.

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