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Why 90% of the Big Global Investors Want Green Investments and Green Mutual Funds

The New Energy World Network (also referred to as NEWN) recently commissioned research, which found that about 90 percent of private equity, venture capital funds, insurance, and pension funds want to have a certain amount of exposure to clean technology, renewable energy, and investments related to sustainability. Over two thirds stated that they have either made green investments or will do so within the following three years.

The commissioned research also discovered that the principal motive for general green investments and investing in
green mutual funds
is the potential of high returns. It wasn’t the only motive, however, with 64 percent citing environmental responsibility and 59 percent – social responsibility, provided the financial returns were met. 47 percent of those surveyed believe that private equity funds considered “green” will have similar returns to other funds, and 22 percent of respondents thought that “green” equity funds will do much better than the general private equity market, while 3 percent said they expected “green” equity funds to outperform the market considerably.

It is no surprise that green investments and green mutual funds are becoming more and more popular. The key to investing is timing, and there is no time like the present to be investing in our planet’s future. Because of the endless benefits green investments offer in terms of environmentally sound practices and technologies, investing in them is the ethical thing to do from an investor’s point of view.

Green investments are an inspiring and motivating choice for investors. It is great to know that less costly, more efficient, non-traditional forms of energy are being designed and refined all the time. The investor can make an easy contribution to the whole thing when it comes to managed green mutual funds, because fund managers monitor stock movements closely, especially for organizations that are working on developing better construction methods. Another motivating factor for investors is that political decisions are often in favor of green business development.

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