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5 Best Ways to Get Rids of Facial Warts

Facial Warts

  • Facial skin care is important when considering facial warts
  • Facial skin treatment options are available for facial warts
  • Facial scars can result from facial warts and facial wart removal

Facial warts are an extremely embarrassing problem. If you have them then you have likely had to deal with the kind of school yard taunts which involve insinuations about kissing frogs. It is seriously a shame that even adults have to deal with this, but people can be – well, let’s not go there right now. How about we talk about possible wart remedies instead? There are far more now than there used to be, of course. We even know that warts on the face are the result of a viral infection – HPV, otherwise known as the Human Papillomavirus, yes – the very same virus that causes cervical cancer, just a different genotype. And there are a few ways how to get rid of these pests on your face:

1. Prescription Anti Wart Medication

One way to get rid of facial warts is by taking special, prescription medication. You will, of course, have to see a doctor or dermatologist first. You can’t get a prescription otherwise! This will not help everyone, of course, and there are certain warts for which such medications should not be used, but it can be beneficial to a lot of people.

2. Over-The-Counter Anti Wart Remedies

By the same token, you can get a lot of wart remedies over the counter. A lot of them contain salicylic acid. It must be said that, while effective, you might want to think about another option for warts located on your face. Of course, that does depend on the location of the wart and the sensitive around the area. Otherwise, something like wart freezing or laser wart treatment done by a doctor might be a better idea. But we will get to those wart remedies in a minute.

3. Home Anti Wart Remedies

First, some people like the homemade approach – and really, you can’t always discount these methods. After all, vanilla works to soothe some toothaches, salt water inexplicably makes sore throats feel better, so who’s to say that certain homemade remedies won’t work? Whether or not they do, people do still apply cider soaked lemon slices to their facial warts.

4. Wart Freezing

Now, let’s get down to wart freezing. This is also known as cryotherapy. When you go with this method, the warts on your face will get frozen with liquid nitrogen. Wart freezing is a popular method because it is not very invasive and the healing time is quite short.

5. Laser Wart Treatment

Last but not least, you could choose to go with laser wart treatment. The lasers are actually used to kill the viral infection. Sometimes it needs to be repeated, but it is generally the best option for getting rid of those facial warts which tend to reappear over and over again. For most people, however, laser wart treatment is the treatment of last resort, simply because it can be expensive.

These are just five of many ways you may be able to get rid of warts on your face. You can assured that at least one of them will certainly prove successful. There is no reason you should have to deal with this embarrassing skin problem, especially since there are so many methods for removal at your disposal. Talk to a doctor or dermatologist to see what might be your best option.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “5 Best Ways to Get Rids of Facial Warts”

  1. 1
    Marcia Says:
    Hi, I'm wondering what home remedy you grandmother might have for facial warts. My 18 yo daughter has several of them. They are skin tone and pretty small but there are more growing and they are driving her nuts. The doctor wants to burn them off but my daughter saw the neck of someone that had had them burned off and she said NO WAY. Can you help?
  2. 2
    ella_m Says:
    My great grandmother swore by the old fashioned home remedies. I always try them first before running to the store to get the OTC stuff even for warts.