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What Is the Investment and Securities Tribunal?

What is the Investment and Securities Tribunal? This is the governing body concerning different types of investment securities and certain financial and investment matters. The tribunal was created to be a judicial agency which is independent and specializes in financial and investment concerns, problems, and disputes. The Investment and Securities Tribunal is the only tribunal like this in Africa. The tribunal has specialized knowledge and duties, and combines many different benefits from both alternative dispute resolution methods and traditional court remedies and cases. This entity deals with and understands the capital markets and securities sectors, as well as pension law and pension fund operations. The Legal Services Department at the tribunal includes support services for legal research and technical aspects that are top quality.

The Investment and Securities Tribunal oversees all aspects of the capital markets and investment securities, including loan securitization among others. One important note is that this entity does not have to follow the traditional rules of evidence that would apply in a court case. Another interesting fact is that the Investment and Securities Tribunal allows both sides to either represent themselves in front of the practitioner or appoint someone else to act as their representative. Unlike the courts, the tribunal does not require that any representative nominated has to be a lawyer or law practitioner. The goal of this judiciary body is to resolve any disputes concerning pensions and financial markets fairly, transparently, and with the flexibility to take actions outside the traditional court roles to resolve disputes quickly.

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