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Smart Financial Planning Basics

Smart financial planning basics include planning for your child’s education and establishing a newlywed financial checklist if you are planning on tying the knot. Unfortunately, smart financial planning basics are not something taught in schools, so many people spend their lives struggling with money issues. Smart financial planning basics also include establishing a budget for your living expenses. Since the advent of debit and credit cards it has become too easy to swipe away and not have an understanding of how much we are really spending and on what.

Tracking your spending and income using financial software is a must. There are many free programs online that just as well as the ones that cost money. These programs can provide accurate reports on where your money is going so you can identify areas where you need to cut back. For the majority of people, it is the food budget that is robbing them from saving and investing. A great way to cut back on food so you can start planning for your child’s education or your retirement is to set a budget for food and then place that amount in cash in an envelope. Once the money in the envelope is gone, you're done spending. For the newlyweds out there, it is imperative to establish a newlywed financial checklist to establish sound financial strategies.

Smart financial planning basics also look at strategies to pay off debt. People often think of cutting back spending but forget about increasing income. Picking up a part-time job or start a low cost business such as a company that sells items on the Internet.

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