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Why the Carbon Emissions Trading Market is flawed?

As with any free market system such as the carbon emissions trading market there are pros and cons. Proponents and opponents alike are passionate about their stances as weigh out the various carbon trading pros and cons. To evaluate the flaws within the carbon emissions trading market many people look at the European Union emission trading scheme as an example. The European Union emission trading scheme or ETS as it is referred to, is the largest multi-national trading scheme and plays a huge role in the overall carbon emissions trading market.

Opponents of the free market system of carbon trading include environmental justice organizations, certain economists, and labor unions. These parties believe that rather than making emissions reductions the main focus, it leads to fraudulent accounting, shortcuts in science, and quick fixes to reduce emissions. They also argue that the regulatory agencies issue too many credits therefore not enough pressure is put on companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

People who view carbon trading pros and disregard the flaws are quick to point out the successes of similar programs that started out in the 1990's. These programs were also market based and their goal was to reduce chemicals emitted into the air that caused acid rain. Proponents also point out that another one of the carbon trading pros is that is gives the members the ability to decide when and where the cuts in carbon emissions take place. Whether you see the carbon emissions trading market as positive or negative it isn't going anywhere and has blossomed into a $30 billion dollar industry with no signs of stopping.

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