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Men or Women: Who is Making the Financial Decisions in our Economy?

There has been a slow shift in the American household over the last ten years or so. As we have experienced a downtrend in the economy, many of the so-called stay-at-home wives and mothers have been forced to go out and get a job to augment the family income. In some cases, the economy has placed the family in a position where this temporary situation actually placed them into being the main ‘bread winner’.

The loss of jobs in the U.S. markets has mostly been in fields that were traditionally held by men. The jobs that are associated with women, such as healthcare and child care have been growing.

Some of the women that have taken this new financial position have also discovered something that occurred during World War II, when the women had to take the place of the men that were fighting in the war: they began receiving a higher level of respect, had a feel of self-worth and liked the paycheck.


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