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Green Investments – Is the Big Breakout Happening?

Judging by a recent interview conducted with the Global Head of Deutsche Asset Management, Kevin Parker, there is currently a very positive outlook on private money being directed to green investments and general climate change technology. Parker is optimistic that in 2011 there will be a huge increase in green investments around the globe, and these will continue to grow fast into the foreseeable future.

Forecasting for a Problematic Future

According to Parker, the emerging strange weather patterns are now being modeled by insurance companies, which are now trying to understand how they will affect the financial world. Because the temperatures around the globe are on the rise, there are many emerging microclimates and inconsistencies. One such emerging inconsistency is that Northern Europe seems to be getting colder because of the weakening of the Gulf Stream.

Those investors interested in generational wealth are prioritizing energy availability and environmental issues, because there are predicted to be major crises in the upcoming 50 years or so. Investors in the Middle East are now putting less money into oil resources that are depleting, claiming that they are due to run dry in about 50 years.

What is Going to be Hot?

As things stand, the world is in dire need of green investing. It is not easy for costly operations to make money. Having said that, wind energy is becoming more and more popular, and the prices on solar energy are projected to continue decreasing, making these two renewable energy sources competitive with fossil fuels. Natural gas is also on the rise, as opposed to coal, which is declining. Grid suppliers and building technologies have also shown tremendous energy efficiency opportunities. Properties considered ‘green’ command higher rents, and green investing is projected to expand across the board. Infrastructure, energy efficiency, water resource themes, and renewable energy are the big candidates for investments in the upcoming years.

For proponents of sustainable development this is great news, and for responsible investors it is a potentially lucrative opportunity. A recent report in Financial News stated that there will be a 40 percent shift in investments due to climate change in the near future. This will spur investments into sectors that are climate sensitive, such as agriculture and infrastructure.

Investor Priorities Changing

A recent report by Deutsch Bank explored investor attitudes in 2011 and found a profound shift in their priorities. According to the report, there are 8 main trends that will change existing portfolios:

1 – The trend of climate change will continue.
2 – A major driver for ‘green energy’ will be government policy.
3 – Portfolios will include the exploration of risk associated with climate change.
4 – Investors will turn away from Federal policy projects and focus on US state projects.
5 – There will be structural change in clean technologies brought about by Chinese leadership.
6 – In the U.S. the lower-emission transition fuel will be natural gas.

There can be little doubt that the age has come for green investments! This will bring strong economies and the environment into harmony for the first time.

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