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First Green City: Destiny, Florida

Destiny Florida is the first ecosustainable city to be unveiled, and this is quite an accomplishment. This city has made large investments in alternative energy business options, and will be home to the first green energy station in Florida. The new energy station will provide both renewable and traditional fuel types, including charging stations for electrical vehicles, and the convenience store will utilize geothermal and solar energy. Destiny Florida is the prototype for cities to follow in the future, because the city uses clean technology and environmental protection strategies, together with alternative energy resources. The planning for Destiny was intended to keep untouched land which is unspoiled, while making the most of land that has already been cleared or developed. The aim is to minimize environmental damage, protect thousands of acres of green space and natural habitat, and reserve natural resources as much as possible.

An ecosustainable city is one that is self contained, with corridors for transportation that do not negatively impact the environment or pollute the residential areas of the city. Destiny Florida covers sixty four miles, but the ecological impact of the city is far less than cities which are smaller than this. The design of the city is compact, so that travel is minimized, and alternative energy business is booming here. The first green city shows that it is possible to survive, and even thrive, without causing a lot of pollution or environmental damage in the process. The planning and design of Destiny Florida were intended to make it a better place for the residents and businesses, as well as environmental friendly.

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