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Aviation Biofuels: World Biofuels Market

The 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress took place on March 14th, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is the largest conference and exhibition in Europe, with the focus on biofuels. This year’s attention has been geared towards biofuels in aviation and the manner in which the financial and investment world can assist in scaling up the industry.

Over eighty countries, with an attendance of 1,500 gathered in Rotterdam for the fourth annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards. The topic of aviation biofuels touches many arenas: commercial airlines, airplane manufacturers, military, governments, and fuel providers. The attendance of top notch experts in the financial and investment world offered their analysis and evaluation of the impact of funding the biofuel projects and included information on the volatility of biofuel feedstock, the success of IPOs and some of the forecasts from an economic standpoint of oil and fossil fuel prices. One of the main goals of the conference is to bring together the financing side with some of the top biofuel research and companies.

Executives and speakers from all types of companies, including early start biofuels companies to the leading world financial institutions as well as energy companies from around the world addressed the hot topics of the biofuels times: Advanced Biofuels, Energy Crops, Biofuels from Waste, as well as Biogas in Transportation.

The importance of the conference is to bring together all of the facets that are needed for the advancement of biofuel research and production around the world. Executives and speakers from all areas will be present, including start up biofuel companies, global energy companies, leading world financial institutions and will cover such topics as: Advanced Biofuels, Energy Crops, Biogas in Transportation and Biofuels from Waste.

A highlight of the conference is the Sustainable Biofuels Awards. This is the most prestigious award in the industry and recognizes the companies that have made the greatest strides and successes in the world of renewable and sustainable fuels. The coveted award nominees covers ten categories including aviation, transportation fuels, biobased chemicals and biopower generation. The winners of the awards are: Bio Architecture Lab, The Green Shoots Award; Novozymes, the Biofuels Leadership Award; LS9, The Sustainable Biofuels Technology Award; The City of Stockholm, The Biofuels Adoption Award; Abengoa, The Sustainable Bioethanol Award; Vale, The Sustainable Biodiesel Award; DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol, for Sustainable Feedstock Innovation; Boeing, for Innovation in Aviation; Envergent Technologies, for the Sustainable Biopower Generation Facility; Kiverdi, as the Leader in Bio-based Chemical Industry.

The World Biofuels Markets Congress is part of the Green Power Conferences that have established a global effort to address the topic of renewable energy. Green Power Conferences have worked since 2003 to set up over three hundred exhibitions, conferences, training course and workshops around the world to offer strategic business intelligence for sustainable and renewable energy industries. The expertise that Green Power brings to the table is incredible. The professionals produce very high quality and interactive events to provide opportunities for networking for investment companies, sponsors, delegates and partners.


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