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When do I know if I should take the bird flu test?

With the scare of the swine flu covering the news and recent indications of a bird flu epidemic, there are symptoms to be aware of so that you know when to take a bird flu test. A bird flu test consists of either x-rays or lab tests to identify if the supposed bird flu symptoms are evident of a bird flu virus. Once identified, bird flu should be immediately administered.

Bird Flu Test

A bird flu test should be given if some of the more visible symptoms occur for more than 48 hours. Bird flu symptoms include a high fever, cough, sore throat, chills, sweats, conjunctivitis of the eye, vomiting and diarrhea. If a person is having difficulty breathing, immediate bird flu treatment will be initiated once a bird flu test indicates that the person suffers from the virus. Anti-viral medication will also be given as part of the bird flu treatment plan.

Many of the symptoms related to the bird flu are similar in nature to that of seasonal influenza, making it difficult to identify. The only sure way of identifying the bird flu is through laboratory testing. Lab tests include taking a sample of nose and throat fluids to determine if the virus is present. Results can take a few hours or up to several weeks to make a determination. X-rays of the lungs may also reveal the bird flu.

There is no exact time to know when to take a bird flu test, it is mere speculation. However, being wise and monitoring symptoms can make the time frame more clear.

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