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What is the bird flu mutation all about?

Typical of most influenza viruses, the avian flu has mutated itself into a variety of pathogenic forms. This has kept researchers and government health care professionals on their toes. To date there are no known , but this has not made government officials complacent. They are aware of viruses and the changes they make. Bird flu mutation is common as with any influenza strain. In order to stay ahead of the mutations, research must be ongoing and development of new vaccines must be at the forefront of the minds of scientists.

Bird Flu Mutation

Since the bird flu is a type of influenza A, it is no surprise that bird flu mutation can and will occur. Over time and space a virus will mutate, it is in its nature to do so. New bird flu symptoms are popping up all of the time and this is only because of the bird flu mutation that is never-ending. Constant mutation can be scary as science can only stay ahead of nature for a given amount of time. Bird flu cases in United States have not yet occurred but some researchers speculate that it is only a matter of time due to the viruses’ ability to mutate in shape and vitality.

Bird flu symptoms can be severe and only eliminated via viral vaccine or antiviral medication. If the bird flu continues to mutate, the antiviral medications can become useless or ineffective. The strain will only become stronger and that is when a pandemic can occur.

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