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What are the most visible bird flu symptoms?

The bird flu, commonly known as avian influenza, is an infection in humans that is caused by bird flu viruses. The bird flu is common among birds and less common in humans, however, the bird flu is highly contagious. There are bird flu symptoms that are quite visible in humans and should be monitored in order to receive proper bird flu . Below is a list of the most visible bird flu symptoms to watch for and ensure bird flu survival.

Bird Flu Symptoms

A high fever of over 100 degrees occur with the bird flu. If you suspect this type of flu and have had exposure to birds, it is important to receive bird flu treatment right away.

A dry and unproductive cough can be a symptom of the bird flu and can lead to severe coughing that should be investigated by a physician. If breathing problems occur with the coughing immediate medical care should be received.

3.Sore throat
One of the more visible bird flu symptoms is a sore throat that does not let up but is persistent in nature. If the sore throat persists and you have had exposure to poultry or birds, medical attention should be required.

4.Muscle aches
Similar to the muscle aches that occur with the common flu, muscle aches are a very common symptom of the bird flu.

5.Acute respiratory distress
This is one of the more severe bird flu symptoms and to ensure bird flu survival medical attention should be received in the event of acute respiratory distress.

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