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What are some ways to survive to bird flu?

While there have yet to be any confirmed bird flu cases in United States, there have been many confirmed cases of the bird flu or avian flu in many other countries, including Korea, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. If you are planning your travels to include any of these countries it is important to know the ways to survive the bird flu. Below is a list of ways to ensure .

Bird Flu Survival

1.Avoid domesticated birds
If traveling to areas of Southeast Asia or any known region that has experienced bird flu outbreaks it is important to avoid areas with domesticated birds, like farms and open-air marketplaces. There have not been any bird flu cases in United States but other regions of the world have experienced them.

2.Get a flu shot
Knowing helps to understand the importance of getting a flu shot and increasing the rate of bird flu survival. The vaccine for the bird flu is known as H5n1 flu vaccine and is not open to the public but administered by the government.

3.Wash your hands
One of the most important ways for bird flu survival and prevention is to wash your hands. The avian flu facts reveal that hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol can eliminate the spread of germs and prevent infections. These sanitizers are safe and effective, especially in young children who have a tendency to put their hands in their mouths more frequently than adults. The sanitizers are efficient in that they do not require water.

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