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How do I stop the spread of bird flu?

In order to stop the , the United States has implemented strategies to stop a and bird flu pandemic. The to the United States could potentially ravage the poultry population, and thus have a potentially serious effect on the food chain. The best way to stop a bird flu pandemic is to keep all birds and poultry from infected countries out of the United States. For people traveling to countries such as Cambodia or Indonesia, countries that have had serious outbreaks, it is best to stay away from all birds in order to avoid possible infection. The United States Center for Disease Prevention and Control has stated that there is a chance of catching the bird flu via contact with infected birds. Human to human infection is not likely.

Spread Of Bird Flu

One serious threat, according to the CDC, is that if a bird flu mutation were to occur, it would be easier for it to spread and it would be more resistant to vaccines. Such a mutation could potentially cause a massive spread of bird flu cases throughout the country. The best way to stop the spread of bird flu is a combination of individual, municipal, county, state and national prevention. Individuals can be cautious when traveling to infected countries while the people at the national level can continue to enforce the import ban on birds and poultry into the United States. The United States has done a good job at protecting its citizens from a bird flu pandemic.

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